The change of Facebook’s name is an indication of priorities

Facebook’s plan to change the name of his company, as he said earlier About, they come at a special time. An estimated $ 1 trillion company with Instagram and WhatsApp is facing it worst of the year dealing with internal documents release by whistle, as well as antitrust preparation from legislators and regulators.

So what’s really going on? Does a change of name mean that he is undergoing serious problems? A sign of change for many companies is coming? And when did Facebook come up with this idea?

There’s a lot we don’t know, including what the real Facebook name will be. Verge indicated that it would be linked to the company look at “metaverse,” a growing digital platform that is promoted by a growing and more realistic reality as people connect through digital avatar.

“We do not respond to false or misleading statements.” Facebook spokesman Joe Osborne in response to Recode’s questions about the company.

But one thing is certain: Despite the difficulties Facebook faces, it is not too late or too late. It still has the idea of ​​elevating its authority and building the world, which is what it is trying to achieve with its plans.

Instead of announcing a major change based on what the revelator reveals, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg did not apologize. Instead, he and his company have lost their grievances and evidence, and are continuing with a long-term plan to turn science fiction into a business.

For Facebook, this is not a new idea. Zuckerberg sees the metaverse as the next phase of the major technological advances in the internet or mobile phones.

A CEO said Casey Newton in March that Facebook will be a burdensome company – not just a social media company – for the next five years. The company has announced recently 10,000 new taxes in the EU that will apply to other terms. And this change of names suggests that Zuckerberg will redesign the entire Facebook name around. The name change may also help Facebook to keep itself away from products related to the product as it creates some shiny new features, such as Oculus headsets and other AR / VR wearable devices.

Some critics on Facebook say the well-known name confuses videos on the deeper things available – comparing the method with a giant tobacco Philip Morris is changing his name to Altria in 2001 or British Petroleum to move to BP Amoco in the late 90s and then to BP in 2001.

“In the face of a tsunami of evidence of negligence and lawlessness, Facebook wants to change this,” Roger McNamee, the company’s first salesman who has been one of the company’s most vocal critics, told Recode. “Journalists and policy makers need to focus on violence, not on giving.”

In many cases, a change in the company’s growth in Facebook requires long-term planning and strategic planning, so it seems unlikely that the company came up with the idea anytime soon – although it is understandable that recent developments would have strengthened the decision in the past. Facebook has been struggling with its interest since ancient Haugen evidence.

And in the meantime, the name has been changed initiation More careful observation and appears to have angered some councilors, such as Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). Blackburn chairs a large Senate Commerce executive committee that has been leading the investigation into recent cases; he wrote Wednesday to Facebook changing the name “does not make a difference until they change their habits of putting the best interests of children first.”

As the world looks forward to learning more about Facebook’s history, it is very important to see if there will be a change in the industry. When Google reorganized its business under the Alphabet umbrella in 2015, his goal was to get co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin back from the company’s search business instead to focus on his new experiments. While Zuckerberg has not said he wants to do the same, people will be watching to see if any kind of organizational change or leadership comes with this.

So far, these explanations show that no matter what their reputation may be, Facebook does not fail to pursue its goals. Despite public outcry, the company is still making a fortune, earning billions of dollars every quarter. And when Facebook shares took over the formal department of 5% immediately after the whistle-blowing season went public and the unusual lack of network, the price has already been used revenge revenge, and experts expect some strong cash report next week. This success seems to give Zuckerberg a chance to advance his ambitious ambitions – which at the moment does not seem to meet Facebook’s threats today, but I am making new ones tomorrow.

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