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There are now more than 10,000 CrossFit gyms around the world and counting. Although many follow a similar template, the nuances vary greatly from affiliate and affiliate. Most gymnasts strongly defend their box as the best. But a handful of select boxes climbed on top of the pack, made the move, and continued to perform well as the market was full of competitors.

That’s why they’ve made a formula. In my opinion, the formula looks like this:

Community x Leadership (Coaching + Programming) = n

Where “n” he is, “I would sell my house and move there to become a member of the gym if I could.”

Although mathematics and tongue-cheek, its formula is strong. Whether you are looking for the best fitness training in the area, or you want to create a CrossFit workout, these components are essential. Good leadership, coaching, and programming, without a team, are useless. An excellent team with small courses and programs, while perhaps fun, can leave you far behind to achieve your goals. The box should work well on all parts of the formula to be effective.

Here’s a look at some North American boxes that did well.

CrossFit Milford – Milford, CT

CrossFit Milford offers a variety of programs for people at every stage of their workout journey.

In short

CrossFit Milford is an eight-year-old northeast box with a history of successful athletes, e.g. Kaleena Ladeairous and Elizabeth Warren. The team was the second in the world in 2015. The box is led by a software developer and a level game instructor. Jason Leydon, and it offers a host of different programs for people on each leg of their fitness journey. CrossFit Milford places great emphasis on the community.


This view is very visible in CFM, and not just on the walls of the box. From the mentoring program where new members are connected by an experienced member, to scholarships for high school athletes and fundraising efforts, it is clear that Jason and his wife Jocelyn started forming a group when they opened CFM.

“Explore the CrossFit fitness routines you find, and you will have a long and healthy relationship with fitness and fitness.”

Leydon’s latest innovation is a business book where community members can develop the skills of other gymnastics members – for example, plumbers, lawyers, and website builders. This only serves to encourage the members of the alliance.

Teaching and Leadership

Leydon is one of the world’s leading software developers, having secured a number of athletes at the 2015 Games, including the CrossFit Milford Team, And “Boomsauce” Tyminski, and Masters runners Amanda Allen, Liz Warren, and Robbie Davis. Allen was on the podium, just like the Milford band. He also coached several other runners to win the Regionals and was head coach of the 2014 GRID team of the Philadelphia Founders. He is highly regarded in the major CrossFit teams as a well-versed coach of the sport.

In addition to the approximately 20 other coaches available, CFM also has medical professionals, ART specialists, nutritionists, massage therapists, and a yoga instructor.

Software and Software

CFM offers a number of programs, including regular physical activity. They have CrossFit team classes, fitness classes for those who want to compete locally and perform high-level skills, as well as competitive levels for those who are expected to participate in the Games.

Daily system reviews of all the components show a good, understandable function that includes warm-ups, fitness, fitness, skills, and stability (thus), cooling, and more you can choose if you want more. increase sweating.

You can find out more at CrossFit Milford on theirs website.

CrossFit Polar Bear – Austin, Texas

CrossFit Jääkarhu is built on public power.

In short

There are many interests of CrossFit Jääkarhu, but their commitment to advancing education is what is most evident.. Jääkarhu is interested in providing the necessary guidance and training information with a view to improving their community. One just needs to visit section of the blog on their page to see a list of recent and ongoing courses.


Jääkarhu is built by local forces. The idea of ​​unity pervades almost everything he does, from the sublime leadership where coaches and their owners truly love each other and enjoy each other’s company, to the inclusion of words derived from their name, Jääkarhu, meaning. polar bear in Finnish. He refers to the box as a sleuth (group of bears). This concept also applies to their classrooms – CrossFit Kids and Kids, and each level of software has a different name related to the concept of a bear, for example, hole, cave, cage, and so on.

“The box has to do well on all aspects of the formula to be effective.”

Stupid, you say? Away with that. I would challenge any CrossFit box to match the population size and the display displayed, for example, when the artist gathered to make this video for Solomon. Mino was seriously injured in a weight-bearing accident, and the video was part of a fundraiser.

That’s family, people. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Teaching and Leadership

CrossFit Jääkarhu has some of the best coaches in the country, including athletes Ingrid Kantola, Jessica Estrada, Ricky Redus, and Orion Hones. Kantola and Redus are GRID racing experts, and Redus is a well-respected weight lifter, who brings his Olympic elevation knowledge to a number of instructional videos available on site. Estrada does the same with body language. The sheer number of tips and tutorials in the blog is another indication of the value of teaching. Watch videos. Would you like to sit in this box between these coaches? My money says yes.

Software and Software

Like Milford, Jääkarhu offers a number of programming components – fitness, sports, and competition. Exercise includes classes, Games are designed to take the best CrossFitter and make him or her feel good, and Competition is the same – if you want to compete regionally or nationally, this is your way.

You can connect with CrossFit Jääkarhu on theirs website.

12 Labors CrossFit – Glen Burnie, MD

From paddling hospitals, to seminars and competitions, 12 Labors CrossFit has captured the imagination of the community.

In short

12 Labors CrossFit is a three-stop, one-of-a-kind gym in Annapolis, Maryland. It was established in 2007 as one of the first 200 organizations in the world. The 12 Labors team was ninth at the 2014 CrossFit Games, and the sixth in the world in 2015.


The Community is very interested in 12 Labors – so it has an event facilitator, whose job it is to create events, competitions and parties to promote partnerships within the gym and within the CrossFit Community. From paddling hospitals, to holiday parties, seminars and competitions, 12 Labors instilled a sense of community.. From the same evidence:

“This place and the people I have met have helped me to deal with other emotional problems when I had more energy and self-confidence. Many thanks to the coaches here who have been instrumental in making positive changes in my life. “

Teaching and Leadership

Established by three top runners, including the Luke Espe Games and Brad Weiss Games, 12 Work boasts of being one of the best teachers in the business. Many have gone to play professionally at GRID, inclusive Luke Espe and Christa Giordano. Many of these coaches follow their OPT CCP certification, which is a testament to their commitment to looking beyond outward CF credentials.

Software and Software

12 Labors offers several types of software in addition to team components, including barbell, weightlifting, CrossFit Kids, personal training, distance and in-house programs, competition programs, cardio-related classes, and more.

“If your gym needs one of the most important formulas, consider it a catalyst for change and elevate your fitness for success.”

They have a purpose for their system of planning. The year-round rotation is based on the CrossFit Games season and includes strength and skill, open preparation, Games season, and a trial section. All runners, regardless of level of skill, follow this pattern in some way, so the whole box moves forward toward the goal.. There are no random kitchen-sink WOD or surveillance programs. Both are realistic goals and are carefully planned for the full year.

To learn more about 12 Labors Crossfit, visit their home website.

Finding the Exercise That They Get

Not all boxes are made the same way. You owe it to yourself to find a box that fits your goals. If you live anywhere near the boxes shown here, consider yourself lucky, because you know what CrossFit gym looks like. It’s not always the biggest box in the area, by the way.

Check out the CrossFit gym you really find, and you will have a long and healthy relationship with fitness and fitness.. If your fitness center lacks one of the most important formulas, consider it a catalyst for change and elevate your fitness routine to success.

I’m planning to do the same for six months or more, so if your box matches the bill, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll see.

Other Features:

Figure 1 courtesy of CrossFit Milford.

Figure 2 courtesy of CrossFit Polar Bear.

Figure 3 courtesy of 12 Labors CrossFit.

Image courtesy of Jorge Huetra Photography.

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