Here Is Your Place: How To Restore Your Education

Let me tell you right now why you started CrossFit, or whatever you want to do with the gym. Predicting boldly, I know. And here it is:

No one wants to be worthy. And no one wants to lose weight over and over again.

Why Do We Work?

Losing weight and toning is a last resort, as CrossFit is yours. In the end, we do it all to make ourselves feel good. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

The great achievement of CrossFit is when we realize that we can feel good about ourselves based on what our bodies can do, not how they look. (or more accurately, the way we think we look in the mirror).

We may have been in the gym for some time because we did not like the way we looked or felt. Somewhere, there is a feeling of inadequacy there. If I had lost a few pounds, I would have been fine.

But how quickly this disappears when we find ourselves in a place that acknowledges who we are, while at the same time encouraging us to be self-disciplined. People around us believe that we are capable of doing things that we have not yet done, and this leads to success we have never imagined.

Power of the Power Team

On our first day we arrived at the gymnasium and saw superhuman beings carrying the most dangerous weights, and controlling their bodies just as much as in the force of gravity. Now we are part of the same club.

“Remembering why we started and looking back when we arrived requires effort, because we tend to see our own failures and weaknesses.”

But in the long run, such doubts, or inadequacies, may come back to haunt us. We change, and we forget that we once laughed when someone told us we could pull. Now, we are so angry we can’t find ten broken nerves. What is that?

How to Be Encouraging in Your Future

When you are frustrated (because you think you are not making progress), Here are five tips to help you enjoy the process and be happy with what you are doing:

# 1: Remember – You Have Friends

Remember, you are one of your friends. Seriously, remember that. Name some places where everyone around you just wants to see you succeed. Do they greet you warmly and punch you in the office, or do they tell you about a recent fire that needs to be put out? Does your family look happy to see you, or do they tell you that the washing machine is broken?

# 2: Enjoy Your Time

This is your topic. For an hour or two every day nothing else. For those who are struggling with 20 minutes on the dangerous game of burpee and paddling, you are not thinking about someone who has not texted you. For those thirty seconds before PB came you are not surprised how you can tell your mom that you are not going to make dinner on Sunday. Forget it all. These. I am. Anu. Location.

# 3: Remember Your Progress Is Already Made

There was a time when you dreamed this. You never thought you would become a sports fan. The gymnasium was for animals, and you were an office worker. Now you are Badass Reliable at Metcons, with new handmade blankets that will help break up the high barrier.

# 4: Do Not Think of Integrity

No one is perfect. You know this. That guy has a six-pack torn? He wants to keep from exploding at a speed of 400m. That fast running man? He wants to keep his foam at bay because his cows hurt. Is this a ninja? He really wants to get past his pure PB powers. No one is perfect.

# 5: Be Your Best Friend

If this was a close friend who told you that, what would you say? Yeah, yeah, I know it’s different for you because of this, because of that, and because of something else too. But what can you say? Would you tell him you are proud of him, and he does amazing things, and he encourages you? Then take your medication and realize you are doing well. And enjoy it, thank you!

Contemplating Your Travel and Problems

Remembering why we started and looking back on our arrival requires effort, since we tend to see our own failures and weaknesses. When we lose the chest and bar it is easy to get frustrated. We can continue to hit the head against the wall and try to force it. But the rewards are worth the effort.

So take a break, and think of all the wonderful things you have done since you entered the gym. Get out of the way of happiness. Probably not TrueForm anyway.

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