Facebook Doesn’t Have To Be Dangerous

GIVE IT: Then this, we are talking about. One of the reasons Frances has created that has caused so many eyebrows is that a platform like Facebook just has to come back to change the way things are, because the functionality based on those settings is the root of all evil. And most people are like, crazy. It’s just, oh, it can make social media unused.

LG: That’s what we’ve been using for years.

GIVE IT: Correct. Twitter has changed dramatically until 2015, and you can adjust it to keep up with the times. Even though I find that, I think that every time I go out, it pushes me back.

MC: Yes. Yes.

LG: Yes.

GIVE IT: I’m changing accordingly this time, and everything is fine. It’s good because I don’t want everything to be, it’s like, I don’t want any bites to be Dorito’s just designed to drain my energy. I don’t want any tweet to be like the tweet I have to look at.

MC: Yes.

GIVE IT: The idea of ​​Facebook is that you connect with people you know. How crazy is it to just look at it in an orderly fashion? Now people say then, oh, but then you will only see one person who uses Facebook more often and it can be frustrating. So one thing Frances says is that, yes, you can do anti-spam products. If anyone has sent too much, they can agree that, Mike Calore sent nine times, click to see. So there are ways around that.

MC: What no one should click.

GIVE IT: No, no, don’t click there. Don’t worry, for sure if you’re under 18. So I’m not going to be here and do all the essentials, but I don’t think it’s crazy how it sounds. The important thing to remember is that it may not be the answer for all media. If you are thinking about more legitimate systems, can YouTube come back in time? Can’t Spotify podcast ideas change chron?

LG: And Netflix.

GIVE IT: What about Netflix? No. For this reason it is important to keep in mind, it does not necessarily cover all that is offered.

LG: Or think about Amazon, it would be like getting into Amazon and what’s being promoted to you as a business is, I don’t know, the most ridiculous nonsense someone just changed against something you want.

GIVE IT: Yes, which of the billions of items. Yes.

LG: Yes. All right.

GIVE IT: It can be fun. Just buy the latest items. There is an issue of persuasion in some way.

LG: Thank you for that idea.

GIVE IT: So make someone to make Amazon a flexible one, then I buy everything.

LG: Yes, and I think I know a designer who can help with this.

GIVE IT: What do I have when I am six months old?

MC: Amazon Fire.

GIVE IT“Help, I’m hungry.”

LG“Help. I don’t have a toilet paper.”


LG: All right. Let’s take a break. Then we will come back with our ideas.


LG: Gilad, I’m almost afraid to ask your opinion this week. That’s why we brought you, by the way, so you don’t talk about Facebook, just your response.

GIVE IT: And that’s why I agreed.

MC: Also talking about Facebook.

GIVE IT: Yes. Yes. Yes. So that’s my opinion, and it’s something Mike and I have talked about before, but in the end I did, listening to the CDs.

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