Review of Urbanista Los Angeles: Solar-powered Headphones That Really Work

‘Unlimited’ is a false, isn’t it? Something is either ‘infinite’ or not. So when Urbanista describes its wireless headphones in Los Angeles having “unlimited time”, it’s like saying that Los Angeles has no time to play.

Even so, to be honest with Urbanista, Los Angeles is closer than most.

In short, there is nothing more impressive about Urbanista Los Angeles. Like Miami’s wireless headphones sitting around, they look smart and finish well. And like every Urbanista, it is mentioned by one of the world’s most fascinating places.

With the outside of the headband, however, Los Angeles suddenly became special. ‘Unique’, like ‘unlimited’, is an absolute but for now, this is the description that Urbanista deserves. Because of the attachment outside the headband there is a large object called ‘PowerThis is provided by a company called Exeger. It is a solar cell and can receive energy from whatever a kind of light, from the sun to light bulbs in your home. It always draws power, it always turns on, whether the headphones are turned on or not. And it does mean that Urbanista Los Angeles will play for a long time without being asked to charge a fee in full. Which, as the private shop goes, is a lot of fun.

Photo: Urbanista

This side of expertise aside, especially with Urbanista business as usual. Which means Los Angeles is a solid, comfortable headset in any network and not (like a number of opposing brands) trying to change an audience with a small head. The quality is uncertain, the choice is clever, the colors (‘midnight’ black or ‘sand’ gold) are good, and there is a lot of Los Angeles art that is completely unknown. headphones under the $ 200 price tag.

Wireless communication via Bluetooth 5.0, which is complete but not interrupted. The sound is provided by several 40mm drivers similar to Urbanista Miami (suddenly lo-tech). There are three places to chase the sound: ‘on’, ‘off’ or ‘ambient sound’, and hair-raising accelerators that stop music if you remove Los Angeles from your head (or even move them slightly in your ears). Interestingly, ‘ear recognition’ can be overcome in Urbanista’s new ruling program.

As far as headphone control programs go, it’s one of the most obvious and one of the most restricted on what it can do for you. There’s a great nice display that describes if the battery is up or down, there’s a three-phase fun switch and there’s the possibility of describing the operation of the ‘control’ button outside the left ear. That’s your part.

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