‘All Fun’ Records the History of the Comic Universe

Long movies readers are better at dealing with different types of time. The picture in each comedy group can take a small part of a minute, a picture of Planck’s time – but how do I count the discussion blocks that would take a minute to present? Or the images in the panel can incorporate their old ghosts to show movement or change. Channels between panels can be minutes, minutes, months, or millennia. A hiker can take up to four weeks of pain in the middle of a solution, but only for a short period of time. Some photographers tell stories that began more than half a century ago; no one expects everyone to remember everything.

However, you get used to it. A joke walk staggering through their time. No one sees everything. So far.

Douglas Wolk, a great historian and comedian, has seen it all. For his new book All the Miracles, this week, Wolk read the entire Marvel Comics, from 1961 to the present. That is more than 27,000 individually. But because all these jokes “happen” in the same area, like the latest movies and TV shows, all of these stories are one and the same story. As a result Wolk is regarded as single, great, integrated, edible and regarded as a giant giant. Wolk’s success is not limited to that. This is a counter-writing test as a test of endurance.

However, that’s a lot of jokes. This is why the first question I ask him on our phone is: Are you all right?

“I’m experiencing it,” says Wolk. “I hung myself in it. Like a kitten writing in 1970. ”His intrusion into the Marvels turned out to be a wonderful one — a trip to a country that suited you directly — you know. But his head did not explode. The trip became a real trip man. The immaturity of the media in the case of American culture, however, Wolk found enticing words, metaphors, and even repetitive images. He found the design. This image has a global shape. That he obeys.

This may seem strange. Apparently, in the early years of Marvel the directing team worked on what was called the “Amazing Way,” in which the author – often Stan Lee – distorted what happened in conjunction with the artist, who went and did block-and-counter movement, form, and hit stories. Then the reporter comes back to fill in the blanks. And Lee had other similar ways of writing myths and ideas. As more and more writers begin to participate, you might think that all of this can be lost. But no. “It’s people working in the same room working together; it’s the people who are working far and wide in the world who connect, find what they are doing and make sure that what they are doing is consistent and mutual, ”said Wolk. “And he’s a producer these days, he’s working a long way from people who wrote and drew jokes 40, 50, 60 years ago and didn’t know that anyone would remember their work.”

Don’t find him wrong; Wolk does not deny that all Marvel jokes are all right. As they tell me, the great writer and artist Jack Kirby – the great writer of Captain America, the Creator of Eternity, among many others – does not like to read what he did in the early years of Marvel. “They were trying to do something cooler and more interesting and deeper than just grinding leaves,” he says. “She did not always succeed. Sometimes they fall on their noses, and sometimes they do something very special. ”

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