The Government Wants To Strengthen Its Strategy-Starting With Workers

General Services Leadership is a well-known group in the US government, but it has an amazing potential. It has more than 370 million offices or offices and facilities on behalf of other government agencies, and also provides automotive and IT services. State technical assistance is crucial in electing President Biden to lead the commission, Robin Carnahan.

Robin Carnahan

Photo: General Services Administration

Products confirmed by the Senate in June, who previously worked at 18F, a technical team set up within the GSA by Obama administration to create state intelligence. In a recent interview with Tom Simonite, he discussed the idea of ​​helping the government use the internet and lobbying for more sophisticated technology. The revised notes follow.

Many people have relied heavily on the Internet for the plague. Is it clear that digital government needs to change?

It did, because everyone saw it so well. As soon as Congress quickly passes a multimillion-dollar CARES Act that pays for retirement benefits, governors are required to explain why people cannot afford them. The technology was a hindrance — these building materials had not been stored for years.

Immediately there has been huge funding from Congress. [The Covid-19 stimulus package included $1 billion for technology modernization.] It is wonderful to have the zeal and the money at the same time.

Where are you planning to invest?

It makes sense to make big bets on systems that are shared among many organizations, such as logging in and proving who they are. The GSA has a project called, which is already used by 30 million people. It has just earned a lot of money from the modern fund and we hope that next year we can increase that number to 100 million.

About 27 organizations are already using – some major ones, such as Social Security – and we are talking to many others. You can imagine how easy it would be if you had a single point of view in your dealings with the government.

People access any service online. Why is it so hard to build a government?

The big difference in government is that you have to make machines that work for everyone, not just those who have high interest rates or who have bank accounts. Most people who need government assistance do not.

There are some things we can use as a government: The US Post Service and the Veterans Administration have places throughout the country. These are government agencies that we can work with to determine who can be seen in person.

Some governments are governments, such as California, imitation facial recognition verifying identity in the workplace as benefits of unemployment. But there are reports of accurate reports, as well as concerns about privacy.

The machine we can get out of artificial intelligence it is something we will use when necessary, but we must be careful and understand what can be unfair.

Don’t have concrete plans?


One of the reasons why public technology has a bad reputation is that highly skilled professionals often work in companies. Groups like 18F, where you already work, are US Internet Service, put skilled workers on temporary “work trips” in government. How can you download more modern ones?

We need a variety of professionals: knowledgeable people, and people who want to make government their career. We just announced a program called Internet Corps for beginners who want to be able to apply their expertise in government. We didn’t have a way to connect this before.

Biden’s management is keenly interested in this because it is clear that bad shipping follows good principles. In order to deliver anything, we need to have technical skills in the room at the beginning of the discussion, not tied at the end.

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