What the Box Office ‘No Time to Die’ Means About the Future of Movies

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Although his release was delayed by Covid-19 disease to close, No Time to Die they have to remember the end of time. Defined to be the final video of Daniel Craig playing James Bond, it not only means a 007 delivery, but also a chance to fill a new one. Defects creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge adabaya script; New Bond supporters Lashana Lynch and Ana de Armas have promised to transfer the license to Bond girls. It was time for a new episode of dual-0 movies. Then, the wait was saved.

Finally, the release date of No Time to Die four times when the coronavirus inhibitors were removed and the theater was carefully reopened. For a while, it seemed like a delay could weaken the franchise, slowing down Bond’s sails. Now, for the first full day of the movie, it looks like it could be even better than it would have been in a few days of spring 2020. reporting in Deadline, directing director Cary Joji Fukunaga 007 is expected to bring $ 60 million home to the box office this week. Technically, there’s a chance you could get over $ 90 million, a picture that would be worth closing home notes that Problem: Disease wrote last week and opened $ 88 million Skyfall it hit in 2012.

Like all things in Hollywood lately, this is a reason for a careful celebration. Opening a box office this weekend for potential blockbusters like No Time to Die has been on the rise since the release of Black Widow in July. However, presence in theaters was not the result of the epidemic. Whenever Covid-19 cases go up — or something like Delta comes out — a decrease in population hits an increase in multiplex. With declining coronavirus cases in the US, there is a chance that people will go out to see the new Bond. But there is also the idea that because it is a 007 movie, it will end attracting the elderly who have no interest in going back to the movies than, say, fans of Ululu.

There is also the fact that No Time to Die is being released in the exhibition space. In contrast Black Widow, which was released immediately on Disney +, or the next Dulu, which will catch up with HBO Max on October 22 when it arrives at the show, Craig’s final release as Bond is a player — and I encourage people to take a look at IMAX. (FWIW, I saw it in IMAX, and it was worth it.) For all those who have been waiting for more than a year to be released — and more than five years from now. Specter-The desire to see this weekend promises to be strong.

Another point in No TimeLoving: It’s great. Critics have been providing the video good scars, and as the end of Craig’s Bond era, it is strong. At this point, pre-sale tickets are he is winning awo a F9 it’s new Ululu. There is also the idea that the movie could have ended make about $ 100 million this week at the home box office. In the end, the weekend is not going to be much different when it comes to the end of the movie show, but by the time Hollywood is back to normal, the release of the legacy as a 007 movie can be a sign of things to come. This could be Bond’s time for success.

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