How to Transfer Save Updates From Nintendo to Other Exchanges

Unfortunately, after this point, your data will no longer be available in the original source. You will not be aware of both consoles at the same time – unless you pay for Nintendo switchch Online – make sure you are ready to move before you do.

You can have multiple profiles on a single switch, not all profiles that need to be linked to a Nintendo account. However, if you have multiple Nintendo accounts on one switch, you should repeat this for each of them if you want to move them to a new contract.

And as always, that doesn’t change your game. You still need to go to eShop and change the title of each topic by clicking on your profile and going to Download page.

Set up your New Update as the Start Console

Once you transfer your game and save the data, you may want to register your original Change as a contract for your account. Each account can have only one contractor, which receives special privileges that others who do not offer comfort on your account do not. The first app can play the games you bought when you didn’t have them, and other people’s profiles on the same switch can play the games you bought. One switch can be a great multi-account contractor as you would like, but each account only sets up one first switch.

On a non-console first account switch, you can log into your account on one app and play the game you purchased, provided you connect to the internet. Some information on that switch will not be able to play the game unless the owner has purchased it himself.

If you want to change that your switch is your first comforter, follow these steps:

  1. On the Change you are planning to enroll, launch it eShop from the window.
  2. Select a photo of your profile in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. To the right of the window, scroll to Great Comfort section.
  4. Choose Remove from the registry.

Once you do this, the next Change when you open eShop will be your new contractor. You can change this as often as you want, but only one comfort can be original at a time.

How to Edit Your Photos and Artwork

The above-mentioned methods transfer your data, but leave all your drawings and draw back. This is not really a problem, and you can leave them where they are, but if you want to bring them to your new switch, you need a MicroSD card. You can already have it in your switch, since the original contractor had a minimum of 32 GB of storage space.

If you have a MicroSD card for console, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Machine Settings from the window.
  2. Choose Data Management.
  3. Choose Edit Save Photos / Pictures and Videos.
  4. Choose Edit Photos and Videos.

From this screen, you can choose to transfer all your photos and videos to your MicroSD card. Once downloaded, you can remove the SD card from your old switch and replace it with a new one. However, you may want to take advantage of the opportunity to open the card in a computer and store or transfer files somewhere where you can store them safely for long periods of time.

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