YouTube Video, NBCUniversal Debacle Feels Like Harbinger

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If you are using YouTube TV I would love it Sunday Night Football, you are lucky that you have been here for the past few days wondering if you will be able to play this game this week.

If you are not a follower of global business discussions (why would you be? , Golf, and more – it was almost over by Thursday. Negotiations are said to have been disrupted, and if the companies have not been able to enter into an agreement, all NBCU channels leave the YouTube TV streams. NBCU, it seems, wants parent company YouTube Google to produce their own show, Peacock, and YouTube TV. The promotional project, meanwhile, required “the same prices that the same size receives from NBCU so that we can continue to provide YouTube TV to members at a reasonable price,” according to the blog post. On Thursday, companies agreed that “short”Add NBCU machines to YouTube TV.

The results of this excavation, however, were an indication that marching in the open warfare does not seem to be any different from tying the rope. Or, like our colleagues at Ars Technica ikani, “The debate is a reminder that the systems that are marketed on TV and Video cannot be eliminated with the growth of promotional activities.” Printing should help users cut the cord; moreover, it seems to be about to enter the cord.

Yes, we at WIRED have it He said some kind of this already. Earlier this year, I said that if the media companies are included, consumers will eventually end up with another Big Three – so that CBS, ABC, and NBC will eventually lose their share, say, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney +. This still seems obvious. But the new battlefield on which YouTube TV and NBCU fracas are being opened is only for supervisors. The whole search promise was that suppliers could go directly to consumers. Want all that Disney has? Get Disney +. Love love and home decor? Find +. But now there are a lot of jobs that viewers and companies want to find a way, similar to industry, to build them — something that might sound like deja vu to anyone who has ever tried to make difficult choices when choosing between a premium or a premium cable package.

For example, consider Hulu. This function has been a reliable feature of the game for some time now. But people forget that it started out as an attempt by NBC, ABC, and Fox to provide these radio stations as a service like Netflix. It has to be a way of connecting with the heritage to get involved. In 2019, after Disney closed its $ 71 billion acquisition of Fox, it controlled Hulu in another way with parent company NBCUniversal Comcast. Now, consumers can take Hulu bundle with Disney + and ESPN +, since, ESPN is also Disney. There is also FX on Hulu, which gives Hulu subscribers access to Fox information. Disney video, ESPN, and FX? If that doesn’t sound like one of the long string stuffs, nothing does.

This is where the material comes in, however. As part of the Disney agreement to control Hulu, Comcast agreed to continue releasing Hulu until H20 until 2024, but NBCU retained the right to return its programs that had been licensed to Hulu. With the launch of Peacock last year, it was decided that NBCU would eventually need more of its programs in this regard to better serve its customers.

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