Natural problems that boosters cannot solve

But people who are adequately vaccinated against “dangerous” activities, meaning they are more likely to be infected, are not at greater risk of contracting the virus even if they are infected. That is the point of getting a vaccine — that is, you do not get very sick even if you are infected.

But the “dangerous” job is fluid interpretation. The government now requires that health workers be vaccinated, and many schools want qualified students and students to be vaccinated. Here’s the amazing thing: if you’ve been vaccinated sufficiently before, you’re in a “dangerous” job especially because your friends or others who come to your home are not vaccinated. Vaccinate them, and you will never be in danger again!

That is why it is so difficult for the CDC. The ACIP (Vaccination Advisory Committee) did not think that healthy people, regardless of where they work, needed a level of motivation to protect themselves. Immunization coverage in acute and chronic diseases has remained high throughout the years. And while high doses can increase the amount of antibodies, it is not known whether they will need protection against COVID-19, and whether they will reduce the spread of the virus.

We know that some people have not yet received the first vaccine. Is it reasonable to give extra, when we have not vaccinated anyone who wants to be shot in the US?

The level of motivation does not do much if we have large pockets of unprotected people. These people should be our immediate interest. It depends on the need for people to reach out to ordinary people to bring the vaccine to those who are not retiring, or living in rural or economic areas where they do not have access to information or reliable scientific information.

There is currently a shortage of nurses, scientists, and health workers at the moment. Would we have the necessary resources to set up a booster booth and still arrive without a haircut?

Can you tell us how the picture has changed since we talked in January? What Biden’s management is a promise to provide another half a billion vaccines machine switching?

It is a pity that 18 months after the epidemic, we still came to what I call kinship, for people around the world to work together for the better, ensuring that no one is left behind. Money is better than anything, but poor countries are left behind by rich countries. Most of the Pfizer 500 million doses will not arrive until next year. If it is necessary for Americans who have a healthy opportunity to receive the vaccine immediately, or even to receive interest, how can it happen at the end of next year if it is legal? This means that most people in poor countries will not be shot for the first time until more than 18 months after the US first gives one.

The difference we make and allow is just terrible. And the Pfizer vaccine requires special refrigerators, which is why the poorest countries that do not have the capacity to store and care may not benefit from it. In order to address the challenges of marketing, we need to develop capacity and have access to a wide range of vaccines around the world. Pharmaceutical companies should Your partner is a drug dealer in the whole South do it. This will also help ensure that the shots can be adjusted for quick adjustment quickly.

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