14 Cheap Headphones With Earbuds for $ 100 or Less (2021)

High-end phones less than $ 100 is harder to find than you might think. Here at WIRED, it is part of our job to listen to music throughout the day, often in beautiful and precious colors. We have a list of bass drum games, to highlight in detail, dance parties — we get involved. But, believe it or not, we like to try the cheapest things. If you look at the headphones that carry the highest level of expertise within their finances, it seems that every year the companies produce better and better colors.

This does not mean that our work is over; etailers are still flooded with cheap, dangerous headphones, which is why we listen and change our choices over the months. As you look for the next big group, make sure you look for more Shopping tips, including Wireless Phones and Best Wireless Headphones.

Updated May 2021: We’ve added Anker Soundcore Life Q30 and Fiio FH1s, and changed prices and links.

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