How to Access the Microsoft Privacy Statement

Although he was the access path in which you enter information and digito, passwords are not really secure-Don’t compare to fingerprints or a tool that can be like the real key. If someone catches you or just thinks of a password, they can pretend to be you from anywhere in the world, especially if you don’t emphasis on two things instead. That is why Microsoft’s recent move to privacy a well-received step for better protection.

It’s a change you have to accept. The passwords are easy to remember, easy for anyone (or just expensive tools) to figure out. Making them difficult to imagine or confusing makes them impossible to remember, adding other difficulties and frustrations wherever there is a new device to wake up. And when a password controller can solve many problems for you, removing passwords altogether will take you further.

With that in mind, Microsoft is pushing for a secure future and giving users access to their Microsoft accounts – which you may use to access your Windows PC, Xbox, Outlook email, OneDrive storage, and more – through other means.

Microsoft Authenticator software can now change passwords.Photo courtesy: David Nield via Microsoft

It’s a big change, although the traditional privacy method is still the Microsoft account method right now. If you want your account to be more secure and your digital life to be less stressful, that’s something to consider – and it’s not really that difficult.

Switch to Login anonymous

You can change the password for your Microsoft account with a password based on Microsoft Authenticator software, Windows Hello biometric login system (usually face or fingerprint recognition), security code that you have with you, or a verification code that is sent via email or text message.

While these options are not 100% valid, they require you to have something (phone or key) or access to another account. This is a change of name and password that anyone can use anywhere, and that can be opened online.

Whatever method you use to change passwords, you must download and install Microsoft Authenticator’s software Android or iOS apps first. (Unfortunately, Microsoft has not made its machine compatible with other legitimate applications.) Sign in with your Microsoft account’s email address and email address, and the app can verify your identity.

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