Please, No More ‘Tiger King’

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All right, all right. I watch Tiger King like everyone else. It was March 2020, the month in which the world was familiar with words like corona virus, to close, and Yo, should we treat these Doritos? It was a difficult time, which seemed to have been served by watching what my friend Kate Knibbs did properly named a “bad” show of bad. It’s not as if the world has become hopeless now, but Netflix just announced Tiger King 2, and I can’t think of a show that I have little desire to see.

That’s not it Tiger King it was bad. When it comes to making handmade animations, it had all the essentials – the main characters (especially Joe Exotic and Nemesis Carole Baskin), the great drama (the world of big cat owners and wild, who knew?), and the full plot twists to fill Christopher Nolan’s video. That’s it Tiger King it was a time and a place, and time and place is gone.

I’m not saying no one is going to watch this. An estimated 64 million families watched Tiger King in its first month of release in 2020. Obviously most of the viewers are back to add to when TK2 drops at the end of this year. In fact, it is associated with the world of television not yet recorded. Defects sell. If you look at all the other fake programs that Netflix announced yesterday, you look better. There are The Tinder thief, of an official who claims to be a lothario billionaire on dating programs and “women who have started to downgrade him”; Don’t Trust Anyone: Crypto King Search, about “a group of money changers turned around” investigating the mysterious death of a crypto millionaire Gerry Cotten; Dollmaster: The Quest for a Successful Leader, which is three parts which are the same as its title; and Vegan Woipa, about a real estate agent, who – surprised! They are three artists and three hunters, in my reading, each promises more chaos than the next.

Perhaps all of this will not go well this week due to the flood of news in Gabrielle Petito’s story. For those who did not follow, Petito is said to have disappeared earlier this month when he did not return with his friend, Brian Laundrie. Shortly afterwards, several websites took the case, feeding on Instagram and YouTube which Petito and Laundrie feed and fill. most TikTok FYP. On Tuesday, authorities confirmed that the remains found in Wyoming park were Petito’s, which sparked further interest.

It is, frankly, the kind of story one would expect to see in Netflix books, and that all the online researchers are moving around. because frauds that the list revolves around cases like Petito’s. Sometimes online games can help (see: Most No Problems, or citizens of china Netflix posts, Osama F ** k With Cats), but people are he is already responding things like “so I don’t sound rude, but I can’t wait for the Netflix series” on Petito’s social media posts. And, like Joy Reid wrote on her MSNBC re-emerging this week, the interest in its story and the issue of “white supremacist” – a public interest that focuses on other people who are in need but are more in need of people of another race or immigrant or minority group. To be honest, all of this is a little confusing.

To be honest, that’s not the whole Netflix problem. Search engines will not perform all these shows if the audience cannot be pressed. It is probably not dangerous for humans to eat them very much. Infatuation with the black parts of the human psyche is common – and so on SNL taught us, everyone loves what is good “a murderous show”- but at some point, it’s just that. The closure and evacuation of Oklahoma state animal needs in early 2020 is one thing; spending the next two years swallowing hours for artists and scammers and all other forms of crime and so on. The cat has already come out of the bag.

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