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Bay Area Artist Agnieszka Pilat began her career as an artist and artist, spending her days alone in the studio. After leaving Poland, he struggled to get involved in the arts in San Francisco: Galleries were not interested in his work and he felt lonely, until a talented collector approached him. He did not like the ballerinas that are often painted, but he liked his expressive style. He also repairs the house during the day, and often keeps the antique items he picks up at these places in his office. He summoned Pilat to come and draw him something from his group of inappropriate material. That’s when he met his first mechanical head: a red “beautiful, red” red bell.

This sent him to works of art in a new way. Suddenly, the restaurants were fascinated by his work, and he began to make money.

“In some ways, digital imagination makes me more connected to people,” Pilat says.

The stability of the old machine later took him to the living quarters USS Hornet, a pilot for World War II in Alameda, California. There, he photographed several images of the ship, including a pipeline from a Sikorsky helicopter and an airplane engine wrapped around Rosie the Riveter ribbons.

“These were real lives, these machines,” recalls Pilat.

He began looking for opportunities in several companies in the Bay Area: Wrightspeed Powertrains, Autodesk, and Waymo. In Waymo, Pilat spent months trying to photograph Lidar’s driving section, but he was just disappointed. As a photographer, he looked at history, personality, design – which he struggled to find on the roof of Waymo.

“It started to come out very rudely,” he said. “The way I think of new technologies, they are like teenagers. As an old artist, your job is to take on the meaning of being, not a fictional character. This machine had no spirit. ”

It seemed like a huge failure, he says, but Pilat continued to look for opportunities to bring new technologies to the forefront.

Courtesy of Agnieszka Pilat

He saw the videos of Location, The well-known Boston Dynamics robotic dog on YouTube, and was eager to meet them, perhaps even pull over. A colleague of the company introduced him, and Boston Dynamics invited him to their 180,000-seat site in Waltham, Massachusetts, to visit. His original goal was to make a “one-size-fits-all” game, but the show turned into a year of animation and several experiences with some of the world’s leading robots.

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