Can the Moon Reduce the Earth?

With the other push, the power spread is reduced. This means that all the changes are reversible. The moon is not yet fully formed, but it is now moving slowly toward the earth’s crust and is about to hit the earth.

(Yes, in this picture it seems to be a collision — but remember that I made the Earth and the moon much larger than they should be so you can see them. Instead, it could be a temporary mistake.

The best way to make the eclipse of the earth and the moon is to dry it around, or in a scientific way, to reduce the speed of the moon to zero (relative to the Earth). As soon as the moon stops moving, it falls to the earth, because gravity from the Earth will pull it up and cause it to increase rapidly as it goes to earth. This is similar to throwing a stone at the Earth, except that it is so large that you can make a video of it.

To achieve this, you may need a lot of “secret” power or a long push. (If there are foreign aliens reading this, please do not use it as a plan to destroy the Earth.)

Can the Moon Pull the Sea?

But destruction is not the only way the moon can destroy us. Once in a caravan, it seems that the moon is so close that its gravitational pull pulls the seas farther away from the earth. Can this happen?

Let’s start with a very simple story, where the moon and the Earth stand and touch a little. It looks like this:

Example: Rhett Allain

Now suppose I put one kilogram of water in the earth. Because of the abundance of water, it is associated with gravity on the earth, and it draws water in the center of the Earth. But there is also a gravitational pull from the moon that is pulling away. What power can be greater?

We can calculate everything using the same gravitational force everywhere per month. In conjunction with the Earth, we will use the Earth’s mass and the amount of water. (I have chosen 1 kg for simplicity.) Distance (r) will be from the center of the Earth to the top – that is the circumference of the earth. In conjunction with the moon, I use the mass of the moon and the total length of the moon (plus extras since it does not really affect).

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