Shanghai stops other cars at the port, airport in the middle of Hurricane Chanthu | Business and Financial Issues

The suspensions should slow down shipping and destroy international chains, which are already struggling to cope with China’s export history and the consequences of the local COVID-19 proliferation.

Shanghai has suspended some ports and closed several operations on Monday and Tuesday as Hurricane Chantu approached the city, China’s economic capital and shipping hub.

The city’s port, the largest in the world, has suspended some bucket-related activities, the Shanghai International Port Group said in a wechat statement. When the storm was due to hit the southern part of the city on Monday night, the state-run Global Times reported that the storm could not cross the coast, according to meteorologists.

The newspaper also said the growth would remain strong for the next two days. Chantu has started raining in the city of 25 million people since Sunday after touching the southern coasts of China, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Ningbo Meidong Chidebe Pokwelera Co. in the neighboring province of Zhejiang suspended other container operations from Friday, the company said in a statement wechat Sunday. Operations at the main port of Zhoushan harbor in the region – home to China’s largest oil tanker – were suspended from Saturday afternoon.

The China Maritime Safety Administration last week issued a warning to the southeastern province of Fujian, located at Xiamen Port, asking ships to change traffic routes and abandon storm-affected water.

The suspensions are expected to boost shipping and destroy international chains, which are already struggling to cope with China’s export history and the effects of the Covid-19 explosion itself. Asian ports have emerged as one of the main obstacles to world trade, as the demand for goods in Europe and the US exceeds the number of ports and ships.

The Shanghai-based manufacturing facility collects approximately 43.5 million “TEU” last year, making the city the largest port in the world, according to the Shanghai International Port Group. “The standard size of the container carriers. Officials of Shanghai International Port Group Co were not available for comment. Calling to Ningbo Zhoushan Port Co was not answered.

All flights will be canceled at Pudong International Airport after 11 a.m. Monday due to weather conditions, while all flights via Hongqiao airport west of the city will be canceled after 3 p.m. the same day, according to a announcement by Shanghai Airport Authority on Sunday night.

Earlier on Sunday, the Shanghai government said it would close all dairy schools and schools starting Monday afternoon and Tuesday, while some underground lines were closed and parks and other tourist attractions were closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Zhejiang government raised Chanthu’s prompt response to Sunday’s high-level strike, closing schools and suspending train and rail services in several cities, according to the Xinhua news agency. Authorities have also suspended high-speed rail operations in the Yangtze River Delta, China TV said on Monday.

Taiwan issued a warning Monday morning after a hurricane swept through the island.

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