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By voting in the by-elections, the US President seeks to promote public awareness of his or her current policies and ideas.

President Joe Biden is heading to California to launch political support for the largest U.S. government, which has been hit by a devastating fire, thanks to a number of Democrats’ views on climate change solutions.

Biden will also use the trip to the West Coast from Monday to support fellow Democrat, California Governor Gavin Newsom, who is awaiting re-election on September 14.

More than 6,800 wildfires and small black fire are about 689,000 hectares (1.7 million acres) in California alone this season. The fire was caused by very hot, dry weather and the drought that experts say is the effects of climate change.

US Congress approves two major spending budgets – $ 1 trillion in construction and $ 3.5 trillion package including major air purification methods and change the US to keep it clean. But Biden is facing Republican opponents and needs all the support he can get from Democrats to win both options.

“Climate change is threatening our lives, as well as our economy,” Biden warned Americans last week after visiting New York after a massive flood and hurricane-force winds from Atlantic Ida killed 91 people in 10 countries.

“The risks are here. It’s not going to be good. Q: Can it get bigger? Can we stop this from escalating?” Biden said.

Biden has accepted the California declaration of disaster relief from federal aid and has issued a statement in Sacramento, the country’s capital, over the damage done by Caldor Fire.

Susan Mascorella shows a picture on September 12 of what her house looks like before it was destroyed by Caldor Fire in Grizzly Flats, California. [Fred Greaves/Reuters]

Temperature from mid-August the Caldor’s Fire is 67 percent and has injured five people and destroyed more than 1,000 homes and homes.

The largest, Dixie Fire, which was seen as the largest fire in the state, has been burning since July 14, and has spread to five states, burning 388,633 hectares (960,335 acres) and 67% owned by CAL FIRE. Throughout California the fire has consumed more than 890,308 hectares (2.2 million acres) so far during this fire.

Biden urges its supervisors to make greater use of the Defense Production Act which is used to upgrade 415 (668km) fire pipelines to the U.S. Park Service to help control western fires.

Biden on Monday visited for the first time the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, where authorities are overseeing a major war against hundreds of wildfires burning in western North America from California to Canada.

Biden is expected to join Governor Newsom at a pre-election rally in Long Beach, California, on Monday, in a bid to bolster voters against Republican-led voters. drive memory Newsom. Research suggests that Newsom may still be in office, but memory has strengthened Republicans.

The White House is trying to turn a corner after a difficult month due to the removal of chaos and violence in the US in Afghanistan and in the Delta variety of the COVID-19 virus that has hospitals and mortality in the United States.

Research shows that Biden’s American acceptance has declined in recent weeks by the number of voters who disagree with his performance than women who first voted since the election in November 2020, according to a recent RealClearPolitics poll.

Photograph taken by the Los Angeles County Fire department shows a wildfire that temporarily closed Interstate 5, a highway north-south, California on September 11 [Los Angeles County Fire Air Operations via AP]

Over the weekend, Biden acknowledged that the number had dropped, but said his actions were “very popular” with Americans. He also said he hoped Republican opponents would try to overthrow him instead of discussing his interests.

“You’ll see – and I hear – a lot of threats against me, not what I want,” Biden told reporters on Saturday.

In addition to the Republican opposition, Biden must address the doubts of key Senator Democrats in the US Senate.

Democrats Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Cinema of Arizona have expressed concern over the $ 3.5 trillion growth budget. Biden needs a “yes” vote from both parties to agree on what they want.

Biden’s climate includes the integration of electricity and gas revenues, investments in oil and energy transactions such as wind and solar power, and the establishment of climate change units.

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