Face Faceoff: Billy Porter at the 2020 Oscars or Lil Nas X at the 2021 VMAs: What is your favorite purple suit?

When things go well, the celebs are hitting the red carpet more than ever. The avant-garde look from the red carpets of Hollywood is always something we can’t easily let go of. Every amazing image of the celebs stays in our minds and as the styles descend into our closet closet, that’s when you realize that fashion is not just a garment but has its place in the history, art and creations that last.

The program of 2021 MTV Video Music Awards gave us some heartbreaking moments when the popular fashion show was the best, and showed our joy Monday in their amazing avatars. Lil Nas X was one of the many stars whose fashions speak louder than words. Her reddish-brown appearance was very similar to Billy Porter’s purple ribbon style from Oscars After Party last year. Go and explore more to see the beauty of each star.

Lil Nas X

American rapper Lil Nas X designed the red carpet for VMAs today in an amazing lavender style made from Versace. His shapeless figure on the shoulder had the back straps that went into the cup. The adorned suit with crystals was paired with Juli curl mullets. She adorned her hair with braids and the fake diamond rings and flower rings make her look great. Its monochrome color is one of the most recognizable colors on the red carpet of VMAs this year.

Billy Porter

Billy Porter is an American singer and songwriter best known for her beauty pageants. He wore a purple suit to Nonsense Fair The Oscars after the party last year stole our hearts at once with its sound equipment and the long Cape. She paired a purple Siriano-colored purple dress with lilac trousers and featured the show with Sarah Sokol Millinery’s wide-brimmed hat, leather opera gloves and a black bag painted from Lips Pink. She finished her gorgeous look with black shoes.

While all the shapes were stunning and unsurpassed, the similarity of the paint, its shape and the far-reaching beauty brings a moment of encounter. Enjoying the bright red look is your vote? Tell us in the comments below.

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