These Ingredients Naturally Cleans Coffee Teeth, according to a new study

If you are one of the 80% people who drink coffee almost every day, you may have the opportunity to study the mirror to see if your favorite drink is ruining your smile. If you are worried about coffee Dots– but not sure about frequent use of cleaning products and peroxide – see what’s interesting after scientists put a few teeth in the coffee for about a week straight.

A team of Iranian dentists in Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science recently published an interesting study on peer-reviewed peer review. Dental Surveillance. Initially, the research team allowed 30 teeth to be within the 98.6-degree range coffee answer for five days. They used an electronic device to measure the color of the teeth, as well as a measuring instrument on the surface of the teeth.

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Next, they divide the teeth into three groups of 10. Science claims that charcoal irritates external stimuli, and its chemical structure binds toxins away from the source, such as coffee grounds on other healthy teeth. As a result, one group of teeth was brushed with toothpaste in Ireland, another with charcoal in Ireland, and the third was Colgate’s pure solution (as a guide to comparing its effects against two-toothed toothpaste).

Scientists tested toothpaste up to 20 grams (under one cup) and combined it with two tablespoons of water. He used a “toothbrush” to brush his teeth with 100 motion per 2,000 lashes. Why these numbers? He explains that this can be equivalent to washing three times a day for a month and a half.

After all this attention, scientists have re-evaluated the color and shape of the available teeth. He argues that “the difference between toothpaste was not significant,” but that “all three dental implants have the potential to destroy samples.”

Fortunately, your dental hygiene method should not be as complicated as this research! Based on the following, it sounds like you are a coffee drinker looking for a natural way to clean your teeth, toothpaste makers can experiment.

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