Ruchi Savarn of Kumkum Bhagya and Ankit Mohan to become parents soon

The program of Katelaal and Ana famous artist Ankit Mohan and his wife Ruchi Savarn we will be seen embracing parenting soon. The actress turned out to be a father, when she shared an interview with Etimes TV, “My wife Ruchi and I are both very happy to be parents. She is our first child. It sounds different and special at the same time. December is when she should come and we are looking forward to our baby.”

He shared that he wanted to tell others about being a father but in the end he decided to reveal himself today. He said he wanted to share the story with everyone, but there were many things happening in the world due to the epidemic. He also said that now that Ganpatiji has entered their house, it seems like the right time to share the joy.

Speaking of living in fear of being a father for the first time, he shared, “We take care of everything that needs to be taken care of. I have raised my nephew and nephew so I have an idea when it comes to caring for children. And at the same time, children love me too. they like to spend time with me and I will enjoy it too. ”

Player Ankit Mohan we will be shown recently in the district film, he said after being closed twice since last year and other hardships in our lives, he is now taking part in a Marathi movie called Babu. He said that he was working and caring for my wife. She is able to balance the two because Ruchi is one strong woman and she has the opportunity to be with her as a friend. He said he was stronger than she was. That, he said, was why he was so focused on his career. He also said that he prayed that everything would go well and that he would continue to bless the people.

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