Founder Theranos Elizabeth Holmes Tested. Silicon Valley Observing

If you want to prove that Elizabeth Holmes is a man of ideas, not a bloodthirsty villain, just watch his text messages. “It’s a desert breeze for me,” sent Ramesh Balwani, his girlfriend, in 2015. “My water. It’s the sea.” Wall Street Journal journalist John Carreyrou was investigating his medical company, Theranos, Holmes still has love in his mind. “I’m thinking of you this morning,” he sent a message to Balwani in June. Balwani reminded him not to move: Theranos was being persecuted.

Six text messages are among the first to come out of Holmes’ trial, which began this week, three years later was charged with money laundering, as well as doctors and patients, the power of Theranos. He denied the charge. Self-defense in the coming months is to give Holmes a chance, showcasing the stage for a young entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneur who made the mistake of doing well. The government is trying to persuade judges to he became a billionaire and ruined the health of his clients, and put at risk those who sell their money on the street.

And Silicon Valley will be interesting. A well-known case focuses on one company, one founder — but in that case, it will add other original cultural values, plus the expectation that the creators follow their own ideas and something like careless assertions. Elizabeth Holmes was, as President Robert Leach said in his opening remarks Wednesday, “one of the most influential CEOs in Silicon Valley and around the world. of judges, that is, it is decisive that when re-starters are fraudulent.

“I’m glad the ‘Fake it till you make it’ mantra of Silicon Valley is becoming questionable,” said Eric Bahn, founder of Hustle Fund, the first VC company. “For the past decade, it’s just been a bit of an encouragement for startups and those with the same income.”

At the same time, Bahn says, she is concerned that Holmes’ interest could further target female predators, who, in turn, are education stay showed, we have a very difficult time earning money in Silicon Valley. “I’ve already heard a story about a woman who started health care being asked about what Holmes thought, and how the founder felt like comparing her to him already.” A a recent issue inside New York Times found that many other female founders were compared to Holmes.

Holmes’ story has long left a mark, not only in Silicon Valley but also in American culture. He was a deceiver to investors and the media alike – a shiny black-and-white blitone – and his fall attracted attention as he climbed: hundreds of magazine articles, best-selling book, podcast series, several articles, Upcoming TV featuring Amanda Seyfried. As a result, the first week in court was spent with the difficult task of selecting judges who were impartial and revealing the impartial opinion.

Jurors was also asked if he had ever been subjected to domestic violence, with security officials preparing to say that Holmes had been tortured “Balwani. (Balwani has denied any allegations of sexual assault. , according to New York Times.

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