Apple iPhone 13 Activity Update: How to Monitor, What to Expect

Period of plague The stretch of the vortex may just surprise you what a day, but there is one guarantee of what is used in each fall: apple will establish a new one iPhone. Apple is hosting the annual event that took place on Thursday, and, as usual, all technical companies (and anyone who thinks it’s time to buy a new iPhone) will watch – online – to hear how Apple is responding to advances and advancing consumer technology.

We know one thing for sure next week: There will be a new iPhone in at least two colors. (TBD if it’s called “iPhone 13” or if Apple could detect that the names are starting to act silly.) a report from Bloomberg by Mark Gurman suggests that some of the major additions to the new iPhone will include cameras, including high-end video, bokeh effects on video recording, and “intelligent” filters. Unsurprisingly, the new iPhones will also be powered by Apple’s newest device, and will eventually reach as far as Samsung’s high-end smartphones depending on the size of the screen. And a cash register from Dan Ives ‘Wedbush Securities’ has said that the most advanced “Pro” version of the new iPhone could have the capacity to store 1 terabyte.

Other rumors have also been made about the redesigned iPad mini, as well as new AirPods, as part of the launch of the fall kit. The invitation to the event also included a mention of the “California move” and featured a photo that showed growing truth could be part of the event. (There was even a file of Easter Egg hidden on call.)

Some of the most important issues may be content no will be available immediately to prepare for next week: Apple Penyani. Apple Watch 7 Series he says he is late due to production issues, although some reports have also indicated that problems could be resolved during the ceremony. Delays in production on a regular basis indicate that the Series 7 clock, any time it can be started, can incorporate design changes in the design of some new features that just continue to follow the mill process. But it also shows that Apple is not immune to manufacturing problems or barriers that affect all other consumer companies.

Apple’s fall hardware crash also happens during the company’s audit. It has been battling the epidemic to this day, as do many modern companies, consumers inquiring about phones, tablets, laptops, and the Internet that promote long-term performance, learning, exercise, release, and communication. But Apple’s great interest and power in our lives has also been shown this year, in the middle Epic experiment, company available in China, its contradictions election (Then come back) to test iCloud photos, as well riots within the US workforce. The unveiling of the iPhone is no longer just the unlocking of the iPhone. Again, for some of the customers who are just wondering if they can get a new iPhone… is an unlock for iPhone.

How to Monitor

Apple’s story begins at 1 pm East, 10 p.m. Pacific, lighting Tuesday, September 14th. You can drive in the game above. You can also see the river at Apple Page or at companies YouTube video.

You can also watch the Apple TV program. Now that Apple has its own search function, it also has a video game app for mobile phones, Apple TV boxes, Roku boxes, and other smart TVs. You can open the app and get a chance to broadcast what’s happening on Tuesday if you subscribe to the Apple TV + ad every month.

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