The Germans are afraid of getting the money for the season

HALLE, Germany (AP) – Today is a hot summer in September and a Green Party candidate is expected to replace Angela Merkel if the German chancellor jumps off the stage in front of hundreds of supporters at what should be home.

Research shows that climate change is one of the most important issues for many voters, and audiences east of Halle are made up mainly of students and retirees who want to hear. Annalena Baerbock they are planning to protect their future – or that of their grandchildren.

A Greens long-term protection a combating global warming. Prior to the September 26 vote in Germany it provides a well-known program to make Europe’s largest economy more neutral, and includes government incentives and sanctions against perpetrators.

But voters admit they are worried about the world, especially after a catastrophic flood that hit Germany in July, many care to commit to a major change – fearing the money they might receive.

“It’s a climate problem now,” Baerbock told the conference. “That is why we must take action now, in the year 2021.”

The audience responds with applause; listener and then ask about rural people who are concerned that changes in the need to adapt to climate change – such as banning cars with burning engines – could ruin their lives.

Baerbock says it wants electric cars to be more affordable for everyone within a decade, if necessary with more than 9,000 euros (over $ 10,600) for low-income earners, but some are skeptical.

“They don’t say enough about where the money comes from,” says Sonja Solisch, a health worker.

Solisch sympathizes with Greens’ intentions but says voters like him have other concerns.

“Good train connections, good road connections, things like that have to be paid for,” he said.

A month-long study by the public broadcaster ZDF found that climate and the environment were the most important factors in the choice of 38% of respondents – before the coronavirus epidemic occurred. The same survey, a telephone survey of about 1,250 people with a negative limit of 2%, showed the Greens following the middle-left of the Social Democrats and the Merkel Union.

Steffi Lemke, a long-time lawmaker at Greens, says the two parties are failing to inform voters of the dangers of climate change, including its cost.

“The problem is that it’s going to be very expensive if we don’t do anything,” he told The Associated Press, citing 30 billion that federal and state governments have recently agreed to spend money on rebuilding the western regions affected by the floods in the summer. “If we don’t change our economy and our team, it will be impossible.”

The party, which seeks to raise 50 billion euros a year to keep the country clean and united, has attracted more donations from the wealthy who are worried about climate change.

In April, a Million bitcoin donated half of its assets for the Greens I hope they will raise funds that can use energy.

This week the party received $ 1.25 million ($ 1.48 million) from Steven Schuurman, the Dutch founder of Elastic software.

“It is clear that Germany is a political and economic group to be reckoned with in Europe and around the world,” he told the AP, adding that the Greens provided “informed answers” to climate change.

Baerbock, 40, is younger than the two rivals, citing it a recent UN report indicating that time is running out to reduce the temperature of the planets. He urges his audience in Halle to talk to their friends, relatives and acquaintances – even former partners – to be more diligent in selecting politicians who want to address the issue.

“Honestly, I do not want my children, ages 6 and 9, or your children and grandchildren to ask us in 20 years: ‘Why didn’t you turn the clock back?'”


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