My Latest Summer Beauty Routine + Favorite Clean Makeup Products

So, you all know I’m into a simple, efficient, low-maintenance beauty routine. It’s all I’ve got time for these days… .but let’s be honest, that’s nothing new.

I want things that make my skin feel its best & glowiest, and products made of simple, clean ingredients. But that’s not always easy to do! There’s a lot of “green washing” and claims on labels out there— aka, bragging on the front of labels that make a product “appear” clean and non-toxic, even though they still actually have harmful ingredients in them. (Always read those labels, friends! It’s true with food, and it’s true with everything else you put on or in your body).

I’ve tried sooo many brands at this point that I could probably write a full dissertation on the clean beauty industry (ya know, if I didn’t have 2 babies and a business to run).

And I have a few standards my products need to achieve in order for them to become staples in my makeup bag. They have to:

  • Be high quality and * feel * great and natural on
  • Be pure & simple. Made without toxins, chemicals or harmful ingredients
  • Not cost a million dollars (or run out in a month)

And, for me like with most things, less is more.

I don’t have time to apply 27 products every day (or want to), and I’m sure you don’t either! So I like to find products that can double up (lip AND cheek color, all in one ?!) or that require minimal extras (a good coverage skin tint so I don’t need to also use concealer). That way, I can throw on my makeup in 5 minutes or less, feel a little (or a lot) more pulled together and go on with my day!

My 5-minute summer makeup routine

Check out my current EASY, 5-minute summer makeup routine video below, plus all of the products I use and love.

For the face:

  • Foundation / skin tint (with SPF35) ($ 35): This is technically a “tint” but it has enough coverage that I use it like a foundation! I love that it has SPF for a little extra sun protection in summer months. It is SO GOOD— trust me, I’ve tried so many natural brands’ face makeup and this is by FAR the best… I’ve converted so many people in my life to it and is one of my all-time can’t -live-without beauty staples!
  • Bronzer ($ 37.50): Looooove this warm, shimmery, yet subtle bronzer to add some glow in the summer. (You can also dab a little on your eyelids for a little more fun.) It also lasts forever!
  • Cheeks (and lips!) ($ 34): This multistick is GORG— and like the name suggests, can be used multiple ways! I sometimes double up and use as blush and lip color. I like the colors “all of me” and “ladybird.”

For the eyes:

  • Brow tint gel ($ 26): The BEST! Keeps your brows in place and adds just a touch of color to fill them in.
  • Mascara ($ 28): My absolute favorite natural mascara of allllll time. And I’ve tried them ALL. It lengthens & thickens the lashes without clumps.
  • Eyeliner ($ 23): I’m not an everyday eyeliner kinda gal, but sometimes a little smudge at the base of the lashes adds a nice touch. I love this pencil and the smoky bronze color to make your eyes really POP!

For the lips:

  • Lipstick ($ 30): This lipstick goes on so smoothly and is so pretty— I love the color “blossoming” for a subtle light pink in summer.
  • Balmy lip oil ($ 26): If you’re not in a lipstick mood, this tinted balm / oil is so pretty too (in “tahiti”) and moisturizes your lips while giving them a touch of color!

Bonus: favorite clean nail polish brands!

  • Dear Sundays ($ 18 / bottle): vegan, non-toxic & 10-free! So many great choices too. A small woman-owned business.
  • Rooted Woman ($ 15 / bottle): black, woman-owned business, and amazing color selection.
  • Olive & June ($ 9 / bottle): this is a good middle ground, free of the most toxic 7 chemicals, but not 100% all natural— I love getting single colors, using the top coat and the poppy tool, so great for at home nails! Target also carries some of their shades. A woman-owned business too.


Plus you can always get 10% off my fav non-toxic skincare line!

And because true, glowy beauty starts within (and gives you the great healthy looking & hydrated skin that doesn’t need covering up!), These oil cleansers, natural deodorants, serums (& more) are the main products I use on my skin everyday that really make the big difference. Save 10% with code ‘simplyrealhealth’ at checkout!

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