2022 Shaw Classic Events Released

While it’s still growing in scope in the strongman sphere, the Shaw Classic already has plenty of notoriety as a noteworthy competition. This year’s edition, which will take place at the Budweiser Events Center on August 13-14, 2022, in Loveland, CO, should present a host of exciting obstacles.

On May 18, 2022, a titular competition organizer Brian Shaw took to his YouTube channel to reveal the official events for the 2022 Shaw Classic.

Aside from the event announcements, Shaw noted that 2022 Europe’s Strongest Man (ESM) Oleksii Novikov would now be joining the competition roster. There is also an apparent plan for a livestreamwith no further details at the time of this publishing.

From Shaw himself and defending champion Chance “Trey” Mitchellto other strongman elites like 2021 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Champion Tom Stoltman, this year’s roster does not lack for big names. Here’s the complete 16-person lineup that will make its way to Colorado in mid-August:

2022 Shaw Classic Lineup

  • Trey Mitchell – Defending champion
  • Brian Shaw – 2021 Runner-up
  • JF Caron – 2021 Third place
  • Tom Stoltman
  • Luke Stoltman
  • Oleksii Novikov
  • Evan Singleton
  • Žydrūnas Savickas
  • Graham Hicks
  • Aivars Smaukstelis
  • Bobby Thompson
  • Maxime Boudreault
  • Constantine Janashia
  • Adam Bishop
  • Kevin Faires
  • Jerry Pritchett

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2022 Shaw Classic Events

Here’s the schedule of events for both days of the 2022 Shaw Classic:

Day One – Saturday, August 13, 2022

  • Max Hummer Tire Deadlift
  • Super Yoke Event
  • Circus Dumbbell
  • Throwing Event (Bag or Keg)

Day Two – Sunday, August 14, 2022

  • Log Press
  • Frame Carry Arm-Over-Arm Medley
  • Car Leg Press for Reps
  • Atlas Stones

Most of these events have made appearances in recent years, but some will present slight variations in spots.

Max Hummer Tire Deadlift

The Max Hummer Tire Deadlift was a Day Two staple during the first two Shaw Classics. Shaw explained that the hope is that the athletes will have less wear and tear now that the event kicks the competition off.

During last year’s Shaw Classic, JF Caron set the Hummer tire deadlift world record with a pull of 545 kilograms (1,202 pounds). His display wasn’t the only incredible feat of strength. On the whole, seven of the 16 athletes managed to pull over 1,000 pounds.

Super Yoke Event

In 2021, the athletes carried a 506.5-kilogram (1,117-pound) total for time across 80 meters. Shaw says he will probably keep the same weight for the event. Evan Singleton won last year’s Super Yoke by finishing the 80-meter course in 30.61 seconds.

Circus Dumbbell

Once more, the athletes will press a circus dumbbell for reps. Per Shaw, each of the competitors will go head-to-head. Additionally, last year’s 242-pound (110-kilogram) dumbbells will likely remain. Singleton hoisted the dumbbell seven times in the allotted 75 seconds for first place in 2021, while Mitchell took second place with six reps.

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Throwing Event

At this time, Shaw noted that he has not decided whether the competitors will toss a bag or a keg for this event. That said, the 2021 Shaw Classic featured the competitors throwing bags over a 15-foot bar. Canada’s Maxime Boudreault took first place when he tossed all eight bags over the bar in 28.25 seconds.

Log Press

The log press will kick off Day Two, albeit with a new twist. As Shaw says, the athletes will have to judiciously accumulate their reps across three different weighted logs, each of which might weigh 200 kilograms (441 pounds), 186 kilograms (410 pounds), and 172 kilograms (380 pounds).

American Log Press Record holder Bobby Thomspon and Mitchell tied for the first time when they both log-pressed 206.3 kilograms (455 pounds) during the 2021 competition.

Frame Carry Arm-Over-Arm Medley

Another event with a head-to-head format, this one will feature a straight frame carry that transitions into a giant arm-over-arm tower. The 2021 medley had an arm-over-arm pull but started with sandbags instead.

Car Leg Press for Reps

Arguably the most exciting addition to this year’s catalog of events, the competitors will now get to leg press a car. According to Shaw, organizers are still figuring out the logistics of this event. At the very least, he says that there will be strict stipulations. At its core, a car will be on top of a leg press a machine, and it’s up to the athletes to successfully press it up.

Atlas Stones

It simply would not be a strongman event without an appearance from the Atlas Stones. The athletes will hoist five stones – from 158.7 to 204 kilograms (350 to 450 pounds) – onto their assigned podiums with a 60-second time limit. According to Shaw, the event will operate with the same set-up as 2021.

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Shaw Classic Open

The weekend of the Shaw Classic will also have a showcase of an open class for both men and women. The top 16 competitors for each division submitted their feats of strength online and have received invitations via email.

The men’s open events will have:

  • Log Press for Reps
  • Deadlift for Reps
  • Yoke Carry
  • Frame Carry
  • Atlas Stones

The men will compete in the first four events head-to-head. On Day Two, the men will perform the same heavy stone run as the pro class in front of the competition audience. The winner of the Men’s Open automatically qualifies for the 2023 Shaw Classic.

The women’s open events will have:

  • Log Press for Reps
  • Deadlift for Reps
  • Yoke Carry
  • Frame Carry
  • Bag Toss Over Bar

As with the men, the first four women’s events have a head-to-head structure, while the Bag Toss Over Bar will also be in front of the crowd at the Budweiser Events Center.

Featured image: @theshawclassic on Instagram

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