Eddie Hall Honored Boxing Bet With Hafthor Björnsson and Got a Tattoo of His Full Name

The 2017 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Champion Eddie “The Beast” Hall has finally paid his boxing debts to the 2018 WSM Champion Hafthor “The Mountain” Björnsson. On April 20, 2022, a little over a month after Björnsson’s victory over Hall in the “Heaviest Boxing Match in History, ”Hall honored a pre-match wager – he got a tattoo with Björnsson’s full name. and the moniker of “World’s Strongest Man”.

The complete tattoo reads: “World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Julius Björnsson.”

Hall posted the video on April 20, 2022, but there is no confirmation that is the exact date when he got the tattoo. Check out the clip of Hall’s reveal below, via Hall’s YouTube channel.

Between the YouTube video and a post on Hall’s Instagram, the tattoo announcement has over 1.1 million views at the time of writing. In addition to his new tattoo, Hall addressed to other pre-match elephants in the room, like a $ 10,000 bet with Larry Wheels and a $ 200,000 donation to a charity Björnsson would choose. Hall has said he would “eat humble pie” while expressing admiration for his friendly rival. That certainly appears to be the plan now.

“I’m a man of my word,” Hall says. “I’ve done everything I said I was going to do, so [I’m] looking forward to what’s next. ”

Björnsson has not disclosed which charity Hall will donate to. Notably, Björnsson agreed that he would match Hall’s donation, regardless. At the time of writing, Björnsson has not posted any official reaction to Hall’s new tattoo. Similarly, Wheels has not posted any public reaction that he received Hall’s bet money.

After getting his tattoo, Hall’s major wish was that Björnsson would eventually agree to a future rematch.

“This means that down the line, the rematch, if it’s there, will happen,” Hall says.

The first fight saw Björnsson defeat Hall by a unanimous decision on Mar. 19, 2022, at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium in Dubai, UAE. In the aftermath, Björnsson said he’d open to a rematch, but only if Hall got his tattoo. With Hall finally honoring his word, a second match between the two legendary strongmen might be in store in the future. Though, for now, nothing is officially in the works.

Hall finished his tattoo address by expressing pride in humility – a strong mindset that seems to have served him well, in more than one facet.

“At least, this is not as embarrassing as being a sore loser,” Hall says. “And I can take a loss like a man, unlike some people, and that’s how I’ll leave this.”

Featured image: Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall on YouTube

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