Watch Kyle Kirvay Make a 225-Pound Shoulder Press for 20 Reps Look Easy

As time passes, it seems there are no limits on the weight Kyle Kirvay can lift. The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) pro and powerlifter has implemented variations of different, challenging workouts into his training in the past. It’s not enough to show off his raw power he also often showcases a stellar endurance. Recent examples of his training diligence are a 495-pound squat for 22 reps and a 685-pound squat for five reps.

On April 5, 2022, Kirvay took to staggering high-endurance, high-capacity workout when he shoulder pressed 225 pounds for 20 reps. In a likely indication of the lift’s ease, Kirvay one-hands a ballcap onto his head and trots away once he finishes the set.

Check out the video of the workout below, via Kirvay’s Instagram profile:

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Kirvay lifts and lowers each of his 20 reps with control and minimal signs of strain. He repeatedly breaks the elbow parallel angle – going lower than 90 degrees which some people might consider more difficult because it lengthens the range of the eventual press. In addition, Kirvay maintains an upright position while sitting, forcing his anterior deltoids (or front) to bear more of the load through the set. This positioning contrasts with a heavier shoulder press where a lifter could position themselves back a little more, involving more of their upper chest muscles.

It is not until the 16th rep that Kirvay starts to slow down. Even with some short breaks towards the end, he still completes the set relatively easily.

Don’t neglect the 20 rep sets!

While Kirvay’s shoulder press set primarily working his front delts is impressive, it’s important to note that having a balance of shoulder strength is vital for regular people and powerlifters.

One study noted that up to 69 percent of people will eventually develop some form of a shoulder injury or dysfunction in their lifetimes. When working out, if they focus mainly on their front delts, neglecting their medial delts (what gives shoulders their rounded appearance) or posterior delts (the back shoulder muscles), they could place themselves at future risk. (1)

A well-rounded strength-sports athlete, Kirvay likely understands this shoulder dynamic. He simply appeared to polish off his front delts with his shoulder press.

A Strong Start

A bodybuilder turned powerlifter, Kirvay has only recently begun his foray into powerlifting. According to Open Powerlifting, he has one official powerlifting meet to his name thus far the 2022 United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Battle at Atilis.

While competing in the 140-kilogram weight class, that event saw Kirvay break four New Jersey state records including a 365-kilogram squat (804 pounds), a 365-kilogram deadlift (804 pounds), and a 1,005-kilogram total (2,214 pounds). His 275-kilogram bench press (606 pounds) was both a New Jersey state and national record.

At the time of publishing, Kirvay has not yet announced his next powerlifting competition. His upper-body dedication might pay off with more tremendous, record-breaking dividends whenever that day comes.


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Featured image: @kylekirvay on Instagram

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