Because That’s How A Smart Runner Must Raise To Pass The Selection

Boot camps and attempts to repeat the requirements for military training. Available to everyone and everyone. But what does it take to join the British army (or any national army)? Does the gym meet the requirements for military service, and does the training prepare a person for military service?

The answer is no. There is one important thing that is missing, not only from the camps, but also from the various training methods that people who want to serve in the military. But before we get to the basics, let’s take a look at the minimum requirements for military service.

Three Choices

Note: These three requirements are for the British Army, so be sure to research your military options.

Although running is an important part of being selected for military service, it is not the only training method that should be used. Eligible candidates are carefully interviewed for their interviews and selections. There are three key elements to a successful initial test:

  1. The Static Lift. The static upgrade involves placing the arms in the back of the car at a distance of 1.45m. The powerbag is used to emulate weapons starting at about 15kg. Then you can go up to 5kg to 40kg, when the test is over.
  2. The Jerry Can Carry. These tests confirm the strength of your upper arms and shoulders. It’s a touch test. You will need to carry two Jerry cans each weighing 20kg for a distance of 150 meters. With your hands on your side and carrying one of Jerry’s decisions in each hand, you will be expected to complete the course in less than two minutes. You need to travel at a distance of at least 5.4km / h and score at a distance of meters so that you can carry heavy loads and maintain a small pace.
  3. Best Race of 2.4km. Running times vary greatly depending on the Military branch you want to join. Timings start from 09:40 units as Parachute Group until 14:30 at Junior Entry.

Most people do not have a problem with the first two things. Where it breaks it is a very good 2.4km speed. The second is to stand naked in front of a stranger (this is common for many years for the military), the choice of choice is one of the most interesting aspects of a two-day discussion.

The main reason for the failure is that conscientious objectors have not been reduced. They may have been traumatized by the trauma or physical abuse as a result of exhaustion or injury. ”

I’ve heard all sorts of reasons, from “I have a cold” to “I need a sock” (seriously, this happened). But we must not wear these sugar. The main reason for the failure is that the number of potential employers did not decrease. They may have been psychologically abused as a result of stress or physical exhaustion as a result of exhaustion or injury.

The necessary times are not difficult. They do not represent any nation on the battlefield. The purpose of the test is to allow the Soldiers to set a standard for men and women and that can be easily followed. It also helps us as bodybuilders to see who really wants it. This interview works, after all.

These early scenes will make you a success later in your career.

Why You Should Raise

If you are thinking of becoming a professional runner (and these men and women are the only runners), then you need to lift weights. The gradual breakdown is very difficult for the boys and girls who are being trained. Slow compression and minor fractures found on the tibia. It’s a pain and a constant task.

“While I appreciate those who run 10km every day, try to run 2.4km every week, and hang out at the boot camp, they are wasting their chances. These people are planning to fail.”

Depression is the result of poor preparation. Although many employers ran before they went to training, they were not accustomed to raising volume. They do not know how to approach their education properly and reduce the risk of injury while developing physical skills.

While I appreciate those who run 10km every day, try the 2.4km run every week, with the only hammer at the boot camp in the area, ruining their chances. These people are planning to fail. I have so many people who are devastated and come to me for healing. They sit in front of me, terrified and in tears, wondering how it is possible for them to feel terrible pain in their jaw. Surely their hours and hours hitting the channels that led to the selection of selected people by education did not help them much?

Running is a repetitive plyometric exercise. After military training, supplies will be added to the unit, so good performance should be pressed before joining the military. In order to properly manage and reduce the risk of injury, we need to control our musculoskeletal system.

How to Upgrade

The move I use regularly with my clients is easy behind the squat. This movement not only increases the strength of the lower limb muscles but also benefits our skeletal system. By elevating the lower extremities and so-called low back pain (one-tenth of the strength needed to break a bone), we can promote new bone formation in all lower limbs. This benefit, along with the subsequent hypertrophic benefits that lead to increased bone density, can reduce the risk of fractures and increase your chances of graduating..1

“By placing the lower extremities and the so-called low-strength (one-tenth of the strength needed to break a bone), we can promote new bone formation in all lower extremities.”

Squat is also directly related to the running movement. One diagnostic tool used to accurately measure plyometric technique is able to stretch 1.5 times your body weight once and do 5 repetitions in 5 seconds to 60 percent of your body weight.1 These are the same symptoms that I use when taking a patient through rehabilitation after tibial stress.

The soldiers perform early morning exercises (PT) in the Jordan desert.

Fitness Tips

When you plan to run 2.4km, less is more. Combining squat with his notes and a well-trained anaerobic program will help you become a soldier and reduce the risk of road injuries.

Exercising not only shortens your training sessions, but also gives you great benefits, such as an increase in VO2 max and an increase in fatigue resistance.1 You will also look better naked because of the increase in muscle mass and the lack of fat.

High-speed exercise has been used extensively as a anaerobic technique for rejuvenation. This allows us to push the soldier harder without having to hit repeatedly with the lower legs and with enough rest.

The process has yielded definite results, including the Parachute Regiment selection panel:

Back Squat:

  • 5 × 4 at 80% 1RM current.
  • Apply a dose of 2.5-5kg per week per week to allow for optimal adjustment.

Running Work:

  • Perform running tasks using a combination of techniques including rail, cyclist, and bicycle.
  • Performing 200m x 12 for 2.4km. This is directly related to the 2.4km test.
  • Use 1: 1 exercise break. For example, if you reach 200m in 40 seconds, you pause 40 seconds before repeating.
  • Speed ​​levels can change. You can mix distance while keeping the same number. For example, 400m x 6, with a 1: 1 rest.

The above sessions can be run five times a week, with a squat 1RM test and a 2.4km running test that is performed every eight weeks.

I have had definite results using this plan, including the Parachute Regiment selection panel.

Establish Yourself Well

In short, it is easy to fail a solid military test, no matter what country you live in. The methods I have discussed to get you to your higher education are not only used by smart athletes, but also by major sports teams around the world. These methods will not only tempt you physically, but also mentally.

Remember, you are learning to save your own life and the lives of others around you in the war. Do not be a man or woman who neglects to guard, or worse, who does not act in control because of injuries that could have been avoided.

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