Putin’s Anti-COVID Self-Determination and Box

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MOSCOW—Russian people has been talking about them A Vladimir Putin Health since the epidemic began – and the Kremlin government has said the rumors are “nonsense.” But on Monday, Putin spoke differently when the President acknowledged that the recent operation of COVID-19 is threatening its internal “cycle,” and that he could isolate himself for this.

Speaking of a public event in the Kremlin, Putin said: “The COVID-19 crisis has also happened in my area. We need to know what’s going on. I think I should be alone soon. A lot of people are sick next to me.” The president did not say who was infected.

Even Doctors Can’t Take Putin Vaccine Like COVID-19 Rage In Russia

Third COVID-19 DISEASES The tsunami in Russia has been particularly violent. According to a government report released last month, 215,000 Russians died from the virus in July, an increase of 42% since the same period last year. But even imagination a horrible death, a statement from the country’s president, known for his “living” life, was found to be insecure, bizarre journalists who have been talking to Putin for years.

“In the end, that’s what we’ve decided [in the past] with its injuries to sports, foot or spinal cord injury, “Pavel Lobkov, a former Russian TV journalist, told The Daily Beast. . He was not germophobic, as [former Romanian dictator] Nicolae Ceaușescu, who washed his hands and drank alcohol regularly. ”

The Russian people are paying a high price for what the country has done recently. Delta’s COVID-19 virus is sweeping the country, killing thousands of people. To make matters worse, the Russian people would still be skeptical about the official vaccine; only 31 percent out of 144 million Russians have been vaccinated. Putin received his Sputnik V anti-COVID shot last year. “I would say that our vaccine is really showing results,” he said He said at the time.

Several Kremlin officials, including Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, contracted the virus in the first month of the epidemic last year. During all this time, the Kremlin often boasted about the president’s “good health” and “pesticides” at his home in Novo-Ogaryovo, near Moscow. Anyone visiting the president should go through tunnels, which specialize in facial features and test the body temperature of visitors, according to the RIA news agency, which released the video. video of the tunnel.

Putin also spent a long time during a hidden plague at his home on the beach in the black city of Sochi. Last year, a Russian research center Project, said Putin set up similar offices in all their radio stations, so that Russians would not know if the president was in Moscow or at his home on the coast.

In September 2020, the Daily Beast interviewed hoteliers and taxi drivers in the Altai Mountains, a beautiful region bordering Central Asia. At that time, rumors that Putin was staying for weeks in Gazprom in the Altai Republic were circulating. “Even though Russians die like flies, the Kremlin hides Putin in a secret cave,” Leonid Zaitsev, a taxi driver and conductor, told the Daily Beast at the time.

Since then, the virus continues to spread in the Russian parliament, infecting and infecting agents in lower and upper rooms. As of December 2020, of the 11 HIV-positive supervisors, at least five counselors had been tested again. according to to State Duma Speaker Vladimir Volodin.

Why Putin Moved To Lose Many Russian Babies Will Fail

Rushing in June this year, when Moscow hit its epicenter of the plague, filming 9,120 new cases of COVID-19.

Discussing the precautionary measures taken to protect the President from the virus, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov He said in July: “You know that by working some people can communicate with patients, some of those who speak to the President can get sick.” Peskov added that Putin’s guests had gone through “a full trial.” However, things “were not unusual”, Peskov admitted.

But there are often reasons to put this in perspective for Putin and his spokesmen.

Sergei Markov, a Kremlin investigator, gave his interpretation of the President’s recent statement to The Daily Beast: “The president has spoken out against the need to prepare the Russian people for a compulsory vaccination,” Markov said. “Proper vaccination will begin after the parliamentary elections this week.”

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