Nuclear ambassadors to the US, Japan, South Korea meet after testing Pyongyang | War Stories

The international community seeks to revive the nuclear deal, which has been in place for two years.

Top nuclear representatives from Japan, the United States and South Korea held talks in Tokyo on Tuesday to discuss nuclear weapons in North Korea, just a day after Pyongyang reportedly tested a new missile.

Investigators said the weapon, which North Korean journalists call “obvious”, could have the potential of nuclear weapons.

“Recent developments in the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] and a reminder of the importance of co-operation and cooperation from all three countries, ”said Sung Kim, the United States special envoy to North Korea, in his opening remarks, using the original alphabet.

The three countries are negotiating a nuclear test against North Korea over its nuclear weapons and missile launches.

After meeting with his Japanese counterpart Takehiro Funakoshi and South Korean counterpart Noh Kyu-duk, Kim said Washington remained open to talks to resolve North Korea’s problems.

The White House says the US is still prepared to join Pyongyang despite recent tests.

The leadership of US President Joe Biden has announced a a new way to North Korea in May, he said he would continue to develop weapons but was unwilling to offer “greater cooperation” to Pyongyang.

Biden’s policy would have been changed to work and focus on negotiations, officials said at the time.

Negotiations for Denuclearization have been stalled since 2019, with North Korea seeking re-establishment.

Pyongyang said it did not see any sign of change from Washington.

While the US is a close ally and economic ally of Japan and South Korea, relations between Asian neighbors have often been disrupted by power struggles, the 1910-45 Japanese occupation of the Korean peninsula, and their military history.

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