NOTE: Shotaro after sharing the truth behind NCT; I looked back with a surreal feeling

We look back to July 2021 when the NCT Shotaro spoke positively to Vogue Korea about their fans, being part of the NCT and many more! Recalling September 2021 when Shotaro became a member of the NCT, he said: “I work with Sungchan, who also joined the NCT. ? ‘. ”

When asked about his views on fans, Shotaro said: “Someone who can! I haven’t shown myself much about myself. I have to try to get him to look after me.” Explaining his passion for singing, Shotaro said: I’m thrilled when I listen to our music and watch our performances.

Concluding the talk, Shotaro spoke of the artists who attracted him, “There are so many amazing artists. That’s why it’s hard to choose one, but in the meantime, Chris Brown comes into my head. His dances and music are amazing.” “Not only did I not go to this school, but I went to another place for almost a decade and learned various dances.”

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