The rural people are fleeing their homes because the Spanish fire broke out on Friday | Climate Change Issues

Spain has sent an army to help fight the blaze near the Costa del Sol resort.

People fled their homes in the six towns and villages of Andalusian on Sunday when Spain sent an army to help fight a blaze near the Costa del Sol resort.

A wildfire caused by a hurricane has now killed at least 2,000 people and killed paramedics since erupting Wednesday in Sierra Bermeja in the Estepona mountains, a popular tourist destination for British tourists and retirees.

A plume of smoke rising from the top of the mountains can be seen from afar. Newspapers released by emergency responders showed firefighters trying to put out fires in dry wooded areas.

Zealous, some elderly people, sat around plastic tables at a playground in the nearby town of Ronda, where volunteers brought water, bottles, chairs and other items.

“It’s all been quick and helpful to tell you the truth, but we’re a little nervous because we don’t know what’s going to happen,” said computer expert Abraham Lopez, who was transferred from Genalguacil.

Emergency services also evacuated people from the towns and villages of Jubrique, Farajan, Pujerra, Alpandeire and Juzcar on Sunday in the mountains where fires are burning in the middle of the scorching cold. Five other areas were evacuated Friday.

The fire had “extraordinary strength and vigor” and passed through several channels, Alejandro Garcia from the forest planning center told reporters.

Migrants resting inside a stadium for wildfires on Mount Sierra Bermeja, Ronda, near Estepona, Spain [Jon Nazca/Reuters]

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced the establishment of an emergency unit to help fight the blaze. “We will work unitedly and relentlessly in the face of the fire that is destroying the province of Malaga,” he said on Twitter.

The blaze affected more than 6,000 hectares (14,800 acres), according to a temporary report from the European Commission’s Copernicus satellite, the environment ministry said.

The Andalusia Forest Fire Service says 365 firefighters are tackling the blaze with the help of 41 planes and 25 vehicles.

Chief environmental officer Carmen Crespo said Friday the fire appeared to have been started deliberately and investigators are trying to find out more.

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