Shanghai suspends tours, schools as Hurricane Chanthu approaches | Weather News

Hurricane Chanthu is expected to bring tornadoes and torrential rains to coastal areas of China.

Officials in Shanghai and surrounding areas have suspended flights and flights and sent their children home from school as Hurricane Chantu sweeps through the east coast of China.

The storm, with winds of more than 170 miles per hour (105 miles per hour) close to his eye, is due to hit Shanghai on Monday morning.

Climate experts say the storm is expected to blow when it arrives in Shanghai, due to the strong winds from the hurricane until a strong storm on Sunday evening.

But they are expected to bring strong winds and heavy rains to coastal areas.

Before the storm hit, Zhejiang province near Shanghai responded abruptly, closing schools and suspending flights and railways to other cities, Xinhua reporters said.

Zhejiang also issued red flood notices in nine states.

Ningbo, China’s second-largest port after Shanghai, shut down operations on Sunday afternoon (04:00 GMT). The port had just resumed business a few weeks after the port’s collapse, following the In-Fa storm at the end of July and the closure of COVID-19 at the end of August.

In Shanghai, with a population of about 26 million, all flights at Pudong International Airport have been suspended since 11 a.m. (03:00 GMT) on Monday, while flights from Hongqiao’s small airport west of the city were due to depart from 3pm. (07:00 GMT), the Shanghai government has announced on its official WeChat account.

The port in Shanghai has also suspended shipping and export operations from Monday until further notice.

The city has suspended roadblocks in some areas south of the city and said parks, outdoor attractions and playgrounds will be closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Classes should also be canceled Monday afternoon and Tuesday.

Government forecasts require 250-280mm (9.4- 11 inches) rainfall in some areas southeast of Jiangsu province, Shanghai and northeast of Zhejiang.

The typhoon that hit the east coast of Taiwan over the weekend, disrupted traffic and damaged electricity, but slightly damaged it.

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