Harry Styles and Florence Pugh Don’t Worry Lover

Is the window broken? Is a glass of ice full to the brim? Want yourself? Because I recommend that you take all three precautions before watching the first teaser Don’t worry Darling. Facilitator Olivia Wilde in the end we shared it with them its future pleasures on television, and even though the film only lasts 11 seconds, it gives me the energy and excitement that I crave the most Monday afternoon.

The laugh opens with Florence Pugh and Alice looking away while walking near the pool, and for a few minutes – bam! – this strength only glows slightly as we see Jack and Harry Styles of Jack getting hot and heavy. We may have just gotten a second split in their dynamic segment, but I’m already ready to give it 10 seats our list of the best kisses in history. I mean, move on! My! It’s all too much.

In addition to showcasing Styles and Pugh’s hot styles, the artwork also features an important detail: the release date. Don’t worry Darling will arrive at the theater on September 23, 2022, which yes, unfortunately means we have to wait a whole year to see the same kiss. Established in the 1950s, the film features an unhappy married woman who lives “in an experimental group” with their husbands, who hide a great secret. Star-filled players are also included Gemma Chan, Chris Pine, KiKi Layne, Nick Kroll, and Wilde on charity work. Here I hope Wilde gives us a head start before dropping the full trailer, because the lightning laughs alone was enough to handle my harvest that day.

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