The FBI has released a new report announced on September 11

WASHINGTON (AP) – The FBI at the end of Saturday released a new document on support for the two Saudi Arabian terrorists reached the end of September 11, 2001, terrorists. The document mentions the hostages they had with their Saudi counterparts in the US but does not provide evidence that Saudi officials were involved in the plot.

Released at the 20th anniversary of the threat, the document is the first to be investigated since President Joe Biden ordered a re-examination of weapons that for years have been unknown to the public. The document contains a 16-page summary of FBI interviews conducted in 2015 by a man who has frequent contacts with Saudi Arabian citizens in the US who support first-time immigrants before being attacked.

Last week Biden instructed the Department of Justice and other agencies to review its draft and release any possible documents in the next six months. He was pressured by the families of the victims, who had been searching for the documents for a long time when they filed a lawsuit in New York claiming that Saudi authorities were supporting the kidnappers.

The document was unveiled Saturday night, just hours after Biden participated in the September 11 memorials in New York, Pennsylvania and northern Virginia. Relatives of the former victims denied Biden’s presence at the ceremony as long as the documents were selected.

The Saudi government has long denied any involvement in the attacks. The Saudi ambassador to Washington has helped publish all the documents as a way to “resolve all non-evidence cases involving the State once and for all.” The ambassador’s office said all allegations of Saudi Arabia being false were “false.”

Many documents are being released during the US-Saudi politics, two countries that have made a deal – as difficult – as an agreement, especially on counter-terrorism issues. Biden officials in February released a report on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s 2018 assassination of US journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but criticized Democrats for avoiding direct punishment of the crown prince himself.

Relatives of the victims rejoiced at the release of the document as part of an effort to link the terrorists to Saudi Arabia. Brett Eagleson, whose father Bruce was killed in a stampede by the World Trade Center, says the FBI’s release “will help us to pursue truth and justice.”

Jim Kreindler, a lawyer for the relatives of the victims, said in response that “their findings and findings from the FBI investigation confirm our findings on the Saudi government’s role in the 9/11 uprising.

“This document, together with the public evidence gathered so far, provides an indication of how (al-Qaida) operated in the US with the support of the Saudi government,” he said.

This includes, he said, Saudi officials exchanging phone calls between them and al-Qaida organizations and then holding “accidental meetings” with the occupants while helping them settle down and find pilot schools.

As of September 11, people have been speculating that they will take action since the eagle’s attack, when it was revealed that 15 of the 19 fighters were Saudis. Osama bin Laden, an al-Qaida leader at the time, came from a prominent family in the empire.

The U.S. has surveyed some Saudi spies and other Saudi government officials who are known to pilots after arriving in the US, according to documents already released.

However, a 9/11 Commission report in 2004 did not find “any evidence that the Saudi government as an organization or Saudi officials personally paid for the money” al-Qaida’s threats, even though it recognized that Saudi-affiliated organizations could convert money into the group.

The main focus is on the first two immigrants to the US, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar with the help they received.

In February 2000, shortly after arriving in southern California, he came across a halal restaurant owned by a Saudi citizen named Omar al-Bayoumi who helped them find and rent a house in San Diego, had relations with the Saudi government and had attracted the attention of the FBI.

Bayoumi has said his dinner meeting with Hazmi and Mihdhar is a “chance to be found”, and in an interview the FBI tried several times to determine if the form was correct or if it had been fixed, according to the document.

The 2015 interview on the basis of the document was for a U.S. citizen applicant and years ago he had repeatedly made contact with Saudi Arabian citizens which researchers said provided “necessary assistance” to several immigrants. Among his associates was Bayoumi, according to the document.

The man’s identity was changed in the document, but it is known he had worked for the Saudi ambassador to Los Angeles.

Fahad al-Thumairy, then a legitimate envoy to the Saudi embassy in Los Angeles whose investigators are said to be leading a fraudulent group in his mosque. The document shows that a text message tracking received a seven-minute call in 1999 from Thumairy’s phone to the Saudi Arabian family home of two brothers who will be detained at Guantanamo Bay Prison, Cuba.

Both Bayoumi and Thumairy left the US several weeks before the protests.


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