Mira Rajput reveals that she was devastated on her birth trip to the mountains

Mira Rajput he recently fled Mumbai and headed for the mountains to celebrate his birthday. Social media has given her the opportunity to relax on the internet and she stays away from the gram. On Sunday, Mira took to Instagram to share a video from her vacation and reveal how relaxing in the middle of nature was a break.

Sharing the video, Mira wrote about how living in the mountains also helps her. He also said it was his first vacation in about two years and how the old trips were related to work. He was also betrayed by him Husband and actress Shahid Kapoor and had shared a photo with his loved ones as he walked through the woods.

Mira wrote, “Recharge, I went to the mountains on my birthday, the most important vacation after almost two years. I just got so tired all the time;

He added, “I have released a few videos that I was able to send to the family since I tried to stay digital detox and complete DND on the day of the (red balloon emoji). Breathe .. relax .. #itsnotallforthegram.” A woman with two shows, Mira celebrated her 27th birthday this year.

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Click here to watch a video of Mira Kapoor’s birth.

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