Bigg Boss OTT: Nishant Bhatt & Moose discusses Neha Bhasin; An old man says ‘I love him’

Bigg Boss OTT makes the audience very excited. From war to romance, this controversial show makes headlines. Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat are already in the area. They are very close to the show. And now the makers have released a new promo for the upcoming episode. The video features Moose and Nishant Bhatt and discusses singer Neha Bhasin. Moose seems to be complaining about him to Nishant.

The video is open to all discussion Neha and Nishant he says the singer bit him. The deer on this he said then why do you go to him where he replies ‘I love him because he is funny.’ Moose says, “You just say that and I feel you love her so much.” Then Nishant said ‘Are there any comparisons. There is no comparison. You will be my first in any case. I will come to you. “Moose seems to be jealous.

The video was titled ‘Story main twist… dun dun dun … Kya Moose lagti hai beautiful when jealous? Check out #BiggBossOTT, promotions here at Voot! ”

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Bigg Boss has announced a new project called Dog in Bone to ban the Best Budget. The followers are divided into two groups. Pratik, Neha, and Nishant form Team A. Raqesh, Divya, and Shamita form Team B. Sanchalak and Neha. In the first part, Divya and Neha go on to win points. Round 2, Pratik and Shamita went to find points again. In the third scene, Neha invites four people at a time to take a bone. The players fought a good fight, and Neha declared Team B the victory. Shamita is the recipient of the Luxury Hamper award.

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