10 Sundays emphasize relaxation and fun next week

On Sundays I spend time in bed, surfing the web, watching movies and taking a nap during the day. Some people like to go brunching with their friends while others like to have fun and read books all day.

Go for these refreshing words that will inspire you and encourage you to embrace the day and be inspired to start a new week.

“Good use of Sunday brings a week of contentment.” – Anonymous

”This beautiful Sunday, remember to take a break to enjoy yourself. Have fun with your family, friends, and have a good cup of coffee. ”- Anonymous

“Sunday, a day of rest for the language.” – Elfriede Jelinek

“Don’t let Sunday be taken away from you. If your life isn’t on Sunday, you become a widow. ”- Albert Schweitzer

“Sunday removes rust for the rest of the week.” – Joseph Addison

“Have a wonderful Sunday! Learn about life in every possible way: good-bad, bitter-sweet, bright dark, summer-summer. Know both. Do not be afraid of the experience, for the more you know, the more mature you will become. ”- Osho

“Always take sports, entertainment, freedom and surprises for the weekend with your work and work.” – Rasheed Ogunlaru

“This is your reminder on Sunday evening that you can deal with anything that will upset you this week.” – Anonymous

“There’s nothing better than setting foot on a Sunday afternoon and getting a good book.” – Chris Klein

“But nothing beats a Woody Allen movie on Sunday night, with a glass of wine and leftovers.” – Kate Fleetwood

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