Prince Andrew of Britain served with legal documents and his accuser Jeffrey Epstein on rape charges

A court document according to The New York Post shows this Prince Andrew of Britain has been granted legal papers in a United States court where a woman was allegedly sexually abused as a teenager. According to an official document filed in the Southern District of New York, the petitions were forwarded to the royal court in Windsor, England, on August 27.

Virginia Giuffre says he was “abandoned” to have sex with middle-aged US Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in New York Prison in 2019 while awaiting trial on child abduction. However, Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Andrew last month, alleging he raped her under the age of 18 at London’s Ghislaine Maxwell social center more than 20 years ago. Giuffre also claims that Andrew raped her at Epstein’s home in New York and at Little St. James, the mysterious island of Epstein in the US Islands.

Meanwhile, Andrew, has vehemently denied having sex with Giuffre and says he no longer remembers meeting him, but the allegations have hurt the British royal family. In a statement, attorney Giuffre said he handed over the documents to a police officer at the main gate of Andrew’s estate but did not see Queen Elizabeth II’s second child. Court documents show that the answer must come from Andrew by September 17.

Andrew, a divorced father of two and a former Royal Navy helicopter pilot who fought in the Falklands, Argentina in Argentina in 1982, was forced to resign from his post at the end of 2019. Andrew, sometimes referred to as “Randy Andy” in a tabloid newspaper one of Britain’s most beloved bachelors, issued a statement at a time when he “without hesitation” whispered “an illegal alliance” with Epstein.

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