Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck’s Red Carpet Debut, Then and Now

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck with a reddish tinge (again)! On Friday, the reinstated couple turned their heads went first for Ben’s movie The Last Duel at the Venice International Film Festival. It didn’t just show their first public appearance since then back together in May, but wrote on their second red show. Fittingly, the first appearance on the red carpet was one of Jennifer’s plays, confirming that the couple love to support each other.

After meeting on the list of Gigli and starting a real relationship in 2002, Jen and Ben made their first red tape after they got married when they went on a visit to NYC Girl in Manhattan This is December. The appearance also marked their exit from the group since they were married a month earlier. The two attended several meetings in their relationship, but they he finally declared himself out in January 2004. The first of their video Gigli in August 2003 they unveiled their last red dress together. Who would have thought that after 18 years they would walk back and forth on the red carpet again holding hands? As you recall the story of their love, go to memory when you look at the first and most recent on the red carpet as a family below.

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