Britney Spears SHARES a photo of her foot injury; Jokes that he ‘nailed’

Britney Streams told more than 33.9 million Instagram followers on Thursday evening that he had stepped on a nail. The 39-year-old singer shared a small hole under her foot after she was seriously injured. ‘OUCH guys … I hit a nail … I think you could say I was nailed [wink emoji, shrug emoji, laugh emoji]!!!!! ‘he wrote the picture.

See a photo of her injured here:

However, her problem arose when she shared a photo and video of her buttocks wearing a small black strap. ‘Here’s a video that you guys think this is mine,’ he wrote in the video. Spears added: ‘There are no filters or covers … it’s a real thing !!!! Psss I shoot myself a selfie stick and I always do … it stabilizes … IT DOESN’T GO WELL … and it is VERY reliable. ‘

In the meantime, the singer says he wants the Conservatorship to be ‘ahead and in the middle’ of the next court case, scheduled for September 29. Jamie and Conservatorship’s future is being discussed in court, Britney wants him out and Jamie says he will step down. Britney he doesn’t have to provide the necessary paperwork to end the project, but he says it’s two ways, the first is to remove Jamie, whom Britney wants to “raise” on another hearing.

The good news is, father, Jamie Spears, 69, filed a petition on Tuesday to end a state-of-the-art law-enforcement operation that had ruled the life of their 13-year-old daughter. , a Britney Spears lawyer, in a statement according to Page Six.

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