Biden vaccine orders GOP opponents to dissolve immediately


In South Carolina, Governor Henry McMaster is said to be fighting “the gates of hell to protect the rights and life of every South Carolinian.” South Dakota’s governor Kristi Noem, who is due to run for president in 2024, says he is preparing for the trial. And JD Vance, chair of the U.S. House of Representatives in Ohio, is urging businesses to ignore what he calls Washington’s “attempts to oppress and coerce citizens.”

“It is the disobedience of the common people that can save us from Joe Biden’s brutal rule,” Vance said.

Biden is not backing down. During a visit to the school on Friday, he criticized the governors for being “fond of walking” with the health of young Americans, and when asked about enemies who would challenge the legal challenge, he replied, “Have it.”

Opponents follow Biden’s announcement Thursday on a major coronavirus-based plan to address Delta 1,500 deaths and 150,000 cases per day. Biden ali ordering all employers with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated or HIV testing each week, affecting about 80 million Americans. A further 17 million workers in medical facilities receiving federal Medicare or Medicaid will also need to be vaccinated, as will all branch staff and contractors who do business with the government.

This sparked outrage in Republicans from government headquarters, Congress and the campaign, as well as many who have supported the vaccine and encouraged their residents to strike.

“The vaccine alone is life-saving, but this illegal move is dangerous,” said Mississippi’s father Reeves.

Texas attorney Dan Crenshaw, who advocated for vaccine protection for residents, said, “The right approach is built to define, educate and promote interdependence, as well as honestly describe the risks / good / bad / bad ones so that one can make their own decisions.”

More than 208 million Americans have received at least one vaccine, but another 80 million remain vaccinated, leading to disease. Currently there are about 300% of daily COVID-19 infections, about two and a half times in the hospital and almost the same number of deaths from the same number last year.

Although infectious diseases occur between vaccines, the incidence is much lower, with many dying from serious infections that occur among those who have not received the vaccine.

The epidemic is spreading in many countries where embassies are strongly opposed to the President’s actions. South Carolina, for example, has more than 5,000 cases a day and is the second largest in the world. The local hospital system began banning selected surgeries this week to release staff to help with COVID-19 patients.

In the state of Idaho, stress hospitals have developed new approaches to patient care issues. And in Georgia, hospitals have been sending emergency ambulances or ICUs.

“I am very disappointed that especially some Republican ambassadors have been so concerned about the health of these children, so they are healthier with their communities,” Biden said during his school trip. “It’s not a game.”

But Republicans and other party officials say the president is continuing his rule of law. They argue, in particular, with the idea that millions would lose their jobs if they refused to shoot.

“This is a stupid decision,” said Mississippi Gov. Reeves.

Biden, however, says he is doing what he should be doing to address the resistance that has persisted even for months of encouragement and encouragement. In a speech to the White House announcing the new measures, he appeared frustrated, criticizing the survivors and criticizing some of the elected officials for “actively working against COVID-19.”

“Instead of encouraging people to get vaccinated and hide their bodies, they are actively ordering the removal of people who have not been vaccinated against COVID deaths in their area,” he said.

Court wars are guaranteed to follow in several countries.

Vaccination responsibilities are supported by a small number of Americans. A study conducted in August from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found a high level of support that requires vaccination of health workers, teachers at K-12 schools and social workers such as those working in restaurants and shops. Overall, 55% control the vaccine on the backs of government employees. And about half of working-class adults prefer to be vaccinated in their workplace.

But the figures are much more tense, with Democrats more likely to support the ruling party than Republicans, who have also been less supportive of the suicide bomber.

Although the need for vaccinations has increased over the summer, Americans continue to say they have no intention of re-vaccinating them.

GOP researcher Frank Luntz, who worked with monitoring teams and worked with Biden’s supervisors to try to combat the suspicion of the vaccine, says that, without alternatives, Biden could detect more than 75% of the vaccine population.

“The only way to go beyond this, which they need to be able to do to protect the body, is to control it,” Luntz said. “It makes a lot of people angry and frustrated, but those who are slow to act have taken action so far. She has done her best to imitate this. ”

However, many Republicans are not just unforgiving and unforgiving, especially those who are vying for the presidency and see the issue as the one that would encourage Republican voters to run in the by-elections next year.

Mike Gibbons, a U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio, blamed “Joe Biden and his Big Brother boss” for “passing through the repressive zone.”

“Americans have a right to evaluate the risks of this vaccine and to make decisions for themselves and their families,” he said. “This decision should be made by doctors and by everyone, not by the government.”

In the middle of the coming, Drew McKissick, chairman of the GOP in South Carolina, says he thinks Democrats in his constituency are bound by their party’s “liberal” policies.

“People in South Carolina are not kind when they are offered a job. Absolutely not, “McKissick said, adding that international politics” should put the Democrats at a disadvantage. “

But Steve Schale, a Democratic lawyer who leads the pro-Biden super PAC Unite the Country, who also conducted research to show that he is supporting the ruling party, said he was not particularly concerned about the political situation. He further added that those who may be outraged by the move are likely to be the ones who have already criticized Bidid.

He said: “Of all the things I worry about when you grow up, it doesn’t scare me.”

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki is also condemning the blowback.

“Yes, we see the most vocal protesters announced by the President yesterday. It is not surprising. It is sad, frustrating, sad because, in the end, this will save lives,” he said, “but we remain confident that we can advance our cause.”

Associated Press editors Meg Kinnard in Houston, Leah Willingham in Jackson, Mississippi, and Mary Clare Jalonick, Hannah Fingerhut, Alexandra Jaffe and Zeke Miller in Washington contributed to the report.

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