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It’s here! The most anticipated blog post of the year! 

And that time of year— turkeys are thawing out, I’ve got my candles already going at 4pm, people are wondering whether they should put up their holiday decor this week or next … and everyone is starting to scroll (and scroll, and scroll) to look for the best holiday gifts— and deals— for their loved ones this year.

But if there’s one thing I love about this season, it’s the JOY and presence it can bring about. 

Nostalgic (or new) holiday traditions, time together sharing slower meals around the table and sharing things we love with those we love the most. And to me, that also means knocking out my holiday gift shopping as efficiently and quickly as possible, with gifts that will make the people I love lives BETTER in some way. 

So I can get back to all of the things and people that truly matter this season. 

That’s why I’m always SO thrilled to put together my annual Holiday Gift Guide— because when it comes to the holidays, I always aim to get my family & friends things that they’ll genuinely love and use for years. Things that  make their lives healthier (mentally, physically or emotionally), or things that will improve the quality of their daily life: a tiny spark of joy, a little bit more ease, or a elevated way to go through their day.

But I also don’t want to spend weeks and weeks hunting for these things. And I know you don’t either. So I’ve worked alongside my team for the past month putting together this epic gifting guide, just for YOU. So you can have some more ease in your holiday shopping checklist this year, and less stress.

This year, we are SO excited because we have ONE, all-inclusive guide for you that covers everyone on your list… Wellness & self-care lovers, foodies & homecook savants, women, men, kids, stocking stuffers & MORE! These are the tried-and-true ideas that my family, friends and I have either personally  loved & used— OR are on our wishlists this year. Aka, they’re vetted and SRH-approved! My hope is that you get some fun, sparkly & most importantly— intentional gift ideas for those you love the most this holiday season.

And that this makes your shopping list a little easier to navigate, so you can move on to the true joys of the season. Happy holidays ahead to us all. 


1.Higher Dose red light mask: love this for a more portable, affordable option (that you can multitask in!). Use code “SimplyReal20” for 20% off right now for BF!

2. Higher Dose PMF mat (and the To-Go PEMF Mat) Use code “SimplyReal20” for 20% off for BF!. Also check out their saunas & more compact, storable sauna blankets!

3. MitroPro Red Light: I have the mitopro300 size and love it while I’m meditating. Just 10 mins per session gives so much benefit for anti-aging, skin health, inflammation calming and of course staying warm during the winter months. Use code “simplyrealhealth” at checkout for and extra  10% off

4. Under desk treadmill

5. Equilibria CBD products: the daily tincture, daily gummies and the sleep gummies are my personal favs. Use code “simplyrealhealth” for an extra 15% off, stackable with whatever sales they have going on. 

6. Cymbiotika : The SuperGreens, Vitamin C and Magnesium packs, and the Omega oil are my FAVORITE! 

7. Thergun mini

8. Thergun full size

9. I Vibrating ball

10. Bala bangles

11. Melissa Wood Health MWH- meditation & workout app

12. Chani app: astrology & meditation app

13. Primally Pure Holiday line:  USE THE CODE “SIMPLYREALHEALTH” for 10% off everything. 

14. Primally Pure Starter Kit:  USE THE CODE “SIMPLYREALHEALTH” for 10% off everything. 

15. Hatch Restore Bedside Light

16. DearSundays (non-toxic) nail polish (and this color too)

17. Dry Farm Wine Box (or subscription): great natural wine, no hangover. YES please. A-check  w/ J to see if this link is the most updated one. Use code “simplyrealhealth” at checkout for a extra bottle of natural wine for just 1 cent!. Or NEW this month– just try it a few bottles at a time, no subscription necessary.

18. Wild House Paper guides, prompted journals and more: check out the Reset Guide, the Cultivating Guide, To Do List & Week Planner options.

19. Oura Ring (in gold, brushed silver or more)

Cooking & Foodie: 

1.Simply Real Health CookbookON SALE NOW for just $24 on amazon (the only time of year it goes on sale!!). With over 150 real-food recipes, made easy.  Most of which are 5 ingredients or less and 15 minutes or less. All recipes are naturally gluten-free, and allergy friendly too.

2. Simply Real Eating Cookbook; the 2nd cookbook, with recipes & daily rituals for a healthy life made simple. With over 100 real-food recipes, made easy.

3. Simply Real Health Cooking Club- ON SALE NOW for over 50% off (plus a free 4 week meal plan and/or our 16 quick and easy lunch ideas) when you sign up before December 5th. 

4. VinGlace wine chiller

5. Clear tea kettle

6. Coravin wine preserver- so you never have to drink the full bottle, it keeps great for over 10 days, with single glass pours (or two). 

7. Uiio wine filters: Friends, this is life-changing if you’re sensitive to wine (like me) but love a glass here and there. And I have to say, these really do work and make any wine sulfite free. Aka hangover free (obviously when done in moderation). Available in single glass filters or bottle filters. This is one the best gifts I’ve ever been given.

8. Bon Appetit Magazine subscription

9. Sweet Laurel Bakery Cookbook: an excellent grain-free & gluten-free baking book (if you are ok with almond flour)

10. Canelle Vanelle Bakes Simple Cookbook: a great gluten-free baking book

11. Almond Cow nut & seed milk maker (or new on the market this year, the Nutr machine)

12. WhirlyPop stovetop popcorn maker

13. Vitamix

14. Cast Iron Pizza Pan

15. Pizza oven or this one that goes on the grill

16. L’avant Collective Hand  & Dish Soap Pair

Gifts For Kids

1.Gathre trampoline

2. Arc playset

3. Play gym

4. Yoto Audio Box: for screen free audio stories (that’s not connected to the internet). I love their portable option too. 

5. TonieBox: a screen free audio version, for your littles. Love that you can record your own voice reading stories here too (or those you love).

6. Strider Bike

8. Wooden Tea Set or this neutral wood one

9. Playhouse

10. Kids apron

11. Rad River Co hats

12. Clay bead kit

13. Shopping cart

14. Best toddler coat

15. Our fav play kitchen

16. Kids chef knives

17. Kids table & chair set

18. Build-A-Garden stem toy

19. Dress up capes

Gifts For Women:

1.Made By Mary jewlery: my favorite daily wear jewelry, hands down.  use code “simplyrealhealth” for 15% off your order. 

2. Mejuri earrings: 

3. The cozy coat

4. The 5 Minute Journal

5. White puffer jacket

6. High rise legging (in teal, optional matching top)

7. Ribbed Align Legging (my all time favs)

8. Luka duffle bag

9. Ice Roller

10. J.Hannah natural nail polish

11. Waterproof hiking & walking boot

12. Flared jumpsuit

13. Daily kicks

14. Temperature controlled coffee mug

15. Vintage tie leggings

16. Leather wallet

17. PP Holiday Collection USE THE CODE “SIMPLYREALHEALTH” for 10% off everything. 

18. Osea body oil

19. Pickleball set: these bright colored ones or this cute set of 4 

Gifts For Men:

1.Jack Henry personal care- non-toxic mens products

2. PP charcoal deodorant: USE THE CODE “SIMPLYREALHEALTH” for 10% off everything. 

3. Coravin wine preserver: this handy lil thing helps you pour a SINGLE glass (or 2) without needing to open the bottle. You can drink more mindfully, and the higher quality stuff without feeling like it’s a waste if you don’t finish a bottle!

4. Solo stove portable fire-pit: this more portable size, or the larger one are both great options

5. Marshall wireless retro speaker

6. Temperature controlled coffee mug

7. Movie projector

8. Pizza oven or this one that goes on the grill. Or these new solo-stove pizza ovens too! (Gas-enabled one here too)

9. Portable Victrola record player

10. Bose noise cancelling headphones

11. Oura Ring (in gold, brushed silver or more)

12. Travel duffle 

For The World Traveler:

1.Mini sound machine

2. Pack light sound machine

3. Travel duffle (women)

4. Travel duffle (unisex)

5. Travel makeup bag

6. Travel jewelry box

7. Travel toiletries bag

8. Travel liquid tubes

9. Sleep mask

10. Packable sun hat

11. Instax camera

12. Matching top & bottom comfy travel outfit

Stocking Stuffers & Life Changing Little Things:

1.Equilbria sleep gummies, daily gummies or daily tincture. Use code “simplyrealhealth” for an extra 15% off, stackable with whatever sales they have going on. 

2. Ilia color block lipstick

3. Best natural mascara

4. chiffon jumbo scrunchie

5. bow ribbon clip

6. multi beauty stick

7. chlorophyll drops

8. travel natural makeup palette

9. pouf headband

10. marble kindle cover

11. Primally Pure candle, face cleansing oil, room sprays, deodorant and/or lip balms. Come back on Wed 11/22 when they have their *one day only* sitewide sale for a secret code to use!


12. The coziest best blanket in the world: truly one of the best things we own (and we now have 3– tells you everything) 🙂

Experiences/From The Heart Gifts

1.Storyworth book

2. Personalized ohoto puzzle (or ornament)

3. Chatbooks printed photobook

4. One Line a Day Journal (or the One Line a Day for Moms)

5. Framebridge custom frame (I love their bleached maple frames)

Experiences with the people you love, vs a tangible gift: a trip, date night, concert, coupons for breakfast or a hike, or just TIME together (these are my favorite things to both give & receive, truly).


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