The Best Immune Boosting Ideas & Natural Cold Remedies

I don’t know about you, but there is one topic that keeps coming up in almost every conversation I’ve had the last 2 weeks:


As in, how to protect it with cold/flu season here upon us, and how to not only survive– but possibly thrive in these next several months with as few sniffles, tissues and sick days as possible…

Aka, a major “you know you’re a parent/real adult when…” kind of moment—

Because this topic was one that I had multiple conversations about, with several people, at a recent wedding weekend away. But it’s an important one, ya know? And if you’ve been here for a while, you already know my first line of defense is always food—

Real food, vegetable-packed meals, food made with wholesome ingredients and little to no additives or preservatives. HARD STOP. 

Because when you start there, you have the best foundation for staying healthy this season. (Well, always, really.)

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Today, I also want to share a few of my medicine cabinet immunity-boosting favs to stock up on NOW, before the colds start making their rounds, so you can start infusing them into your daily rhythms and give you & your family’s bodies a little more protection throughout this season.

Check out my go-to immunity-supporting supplements for the whole family below!

As baseline lines of defense, I have found that these three things together really make a big difference. And to do them daily, as your normal routine (a dose of prevention, ya know?)

My daily immunity boosters & maintenance:

1) a chlorophyll or greens supplement (like this one you can take straight or mix with water daily, or drops like these). This gives you an automatic nutrient & cellular boost, which helps everything stay strong and not depleted.

2) vitamin D/K2 drops (like this one— great for kids too). This one tiny thing is so important, it acts like a hormone in our body. And has been proven for immune strengthening.

And 3) bee propolis and raw honey (like this honey and propolis spray). This is the magical stuff that bees make in the process of honey and has incredible superpower benefits. And it’s delicious, so not hard to incorporate. 

After those three things, I keep these ones stocked in my cabinet to mix into my routine:

1) To prevent sickness: these super absorbable vitamin C packs. Great for all ages!

If I had to pick a 4th for the trifecta above, it would be adding in a high quality vitamin C. We all are obsessed with these in my house right now. You can squeeze these packs directly into your mouth or mix them into your water for a bit more hydration. And my kids fight over them (I’ve found it best to split a pack and squirt onto spoons for them over the sink). This brand uses super high-quality ingredients and formulas that truly work and absorb into your body so well, so they’re a great place to browse for any other needs you might have too!

I personally love and use their SuperGreens packs (so great for travel or cold season), Magnesium LTheonate packs, and their Omega 3, and just ordered their new kids line of liquid vitamin d. It’s such high quality stuff!

2) To prevent sore throats/colds: this bee propolis throat spray. And their cough syrups if sickness does hit!

This throat spray is made with bee propolis which contains antioxidants and other immune-boosting properties with a simple, quick spray. I love using this daily, esp in the fall and winter— such a quick way to support your immune system. They have a kids one too (Kids Propolis Throat Spray) that my kids love (and beg to have sprayed in their mouth).

This brand’s Kids Nighttime Honey Cough Syrup and Kids Daytime Honey Cough Syrup are also NECESSARY IMMUNE STAPLES in our home during sick seasons. I love that it’s all made with healthy, natural, well-sourced ingredients that you can pronounce. AND that it works! They also have some cute kids immune lollipops and cough drops too. It’s so worth stocking up now.

Save 20% on everything at beekeepers with code SIMPLYREALHEALTH at checkout!

3) To help symptoms, if you do get sick: this brand of clean-ingredient medicines:

Love love love this new brand I have found this year– and it all started with my search for a kids tylenol minus the dyes, colorings and preservatives— FINALLY!! We now also have the Kids Cold Crush, Adult Cold Crush, Flu Fix, Infant Pain Relief & Kids Pain Relief (aka a cleaner tylenol), and they also make a clean kids stomach relief and kids allergy option too.

Most of the products use homeopathic ingredients to tackle cold symptoms and help you get on the mend sooner. And it doesn’t get easier than being able to order it all on amazon. Just a great tip for cold season. 🙂

One of the BEST natural cold preventatives and remedies is bee propolis and superfood honey!

Save 20% on throat sprays, lozenges, antioxidant honey & more immune support products with code SIMPLYREALHEALTH at checkout!

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