My 20+ Favorite Books to Gift (For Adults & Kids)

Need a last-minute gift idea this holiday season? TBH, I think one of the most underrated but special gifts you could give someone is a book. For kids, it’s the best entertainment and way to learn while exploring stories and creative illustrations. And for adults, it’s such a beautiful way to escape from real life for a little while, broaden our perspective and learn something new.

I’m always partial to gifting people books, so if you’re stumped with someone on your holiday list (or just want a new read yourself!), check out this list of favorite titles in our own home!

Books for Kids:

  1. All The Ways to Be Smart: I love this sweet book so much— it shows kids how to embrace their characteristics and quirks with fun rhymes and amazing illustrations!
  2. The Wonderful Things You Will Be: Such a fun one for little ones to explore who they’ll be when they get older— I’ve gifted this one to many a new mom friend!
  3. Curious George’s 5 Minute Stories: Curious George is a favorite in our home, and this book has 13 stories you can finish in 5 minutes each. Perfect for a fun bedtime story!
  4. Daniel Tiger’s 5 Minute Stories: Again, we love Daniel Tiger around here (it’s a modern show inspired by Mr. Rogers)— so these 5-minute stories are great to read before nap or bed time.
  5. This Is How I Do It: This is more of an activity book for older kids, with stickers, maps and activities to learn about different kids and cultures around the world.
  6. Giraffes Can’t Dance: We love this silly tale about a giraffe that can’t find the right music to dance to, until one day he finally finds the right tunes to get his groove on.
  7. Good Morning World, I Love You So: A sweet book that teaches littles gratitude and appreciation for little and big things each day.
  8. In My Heart: A book that explores, celebrates and names feelings is always a good thing to help babies and toddlers understand that their feelings are all normal and okay!
  9. Follow Your Dreams, Little One: An awesome book that shares stories of black men throughout history who made a difference and changed the world for the better.
  10. Wendell The Narwhal: Excuse me but this may be the cutest book of all time, all about a narwhal that wants to make music but can’t quite figure out how.

For more book ideas for kids, check out all of our favorites here!

Books for Adults:

  1. The Simply Real Health Cookbook (currently 30% off) and Simply Real Eating: I can’t have a book list without these two— they book are chock-full of SIMPLE, naturally gluten free, healthy and fast recipes that everyone at your table will love. The second book, Simply Real Eating, also includes healthy rituals you can incorporate into your life for a more balanced, joyful way of living.
  2. The Highly Sensitive: Love this one so much for others who may be easily triggered or stimulated by other people’s reactions/emotions/opinions. An important read to navigate life without being so drained by those around you!
  3. Vibrate Higher Daily: One of my all-time favs for taking control of our lives and tapping deep into our inner guiding voice to find TRUE joy.
  4. Big Magic: Ugh, I firmly believe everyone needs to read this book (not just “creative” people)! It’s amazing how she demonstrates that we all have creativity inside of us, and how to tap into it in a beautiful way.
  5. Atomic Habits: A true game/life changer in every way. Learn a powerful way to upgrade your daily habits and routines to feel your best and waste less time on things that don’t matter!
  6. You Can Heal Your Life: This book is written on the principle that you get back what you give out energetically… it’s such a good one for taking back your power and feeling good inside and out!
  7. Sweet Laurel: Recipes for Whole Food, Grain-Free Desserts: A favorite for sweets and baking! I just made Noah’s 4th birthday cake using a recipe from this book— such a good gift for the kitchen lovers and bakers on your list.
  8. Woman Code: Every woman of every age NEEDS to read this book! It is a transformative manual to healing your body by learning to understand your hormones (which literally affect ALL areas of your life and health).
  9. The War of Art: For those pursuing creative work, this book is a game changer. It will help you move past self doubt and creative blocks that often hold us back, and instead work towards a greater and more fulfilling mission.
  10. The Five-Minute Journal: This isn’t technically a book to “read,” but everyone I’ve gotten a five-minute journal for ends up falling in LOVE with it. Such a simple yet empowering way to track your day-to-day thoughts, progress, emotions, etc.!

For more book ideas for adults, check out all of my favorites here!


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