Rhiannon Lovelace Breaks Deadlift World Record With 623-Pound Pull

Time and time again, as her Instagram bio reads, Rhianon Lovelace shows why she’s the “pound for pound, strongest woman on the planet.” At the 2022 Berkshire’s Strongest competition on July 16, 2022, Lovelace broke the strong woman deadlift World Record with a pull of 282.5 kilograms (623 pounds). The athlete’s mark at the competition — which took place in Berkshire, England — exceeds her own record from the 2020 Strength Shop Record Breakers contest by over 20 pounds.

Lovelace wore a lifting suit to capture her new record strength feat.

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Lovelace’s deadlift achievement did not come without a challenge.

The athlete pulled the loaded barbell just past her knees before hitching the weight temporarily on her thighs while she leaned back. This hitch maneuver would not have been legal in a powerlifting contest, but the 2022 Berkshire’s Strongest was a strongwoman and strongman endeavor. Athletes who utilize the hitch typically weigh significantly less than the weight they are deadlifting. At under 300 pounds body weight, Rob Kearney would be an example of a strongman who might use this technique.

Eventually, after hitching her deadlift weight, Lovelace utilized her tremendous leg and back strength to lock out the pull for the new World Record. Notably, according to the caption of Lovelace’s Instagram post, she weighed 62.5 kilograms (137.8 pounds) at the time of her deadlift. That means she pulled over 4.5 times her body weight with this staggering figure.

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An Inspiring Platform

In another post on her social media, the strongwoman appeared to be emotional as she reflected on the toll it took to notch the new lofty deadlift achievement.

“This deadlift prep has been by far the hardest prep of my life, mentally more than physically,” Lovelace wrote. “Being on track, having everything laid out easy tick boxes, then a nice short stay in hospital with severe pneumonia and a number of other personal blows really knocked me. My mental health plummeted, my head held above the water by my team. I felt like I emotionally crawled to the finish line on my hands and knees.”

Despite her obstacles, Lovelace seemed to draw inspiration from how her work and records as a strength sports athlete might act as a catalyst for those waiting in the wings.

“But meeting so many incredible people starting out this weekend opened my eyes to how many people my lifts touch, inspire, and motivate.” Lovelace continued. “How many believed in me and reminded me that this is so much bigger than me and my feelings. The women I represent fuel my fire and my focus. The pressure can often feel overwhelming. But pressure creates diamonds, and it is a privilege.”

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Ever a strength pioneer, Lovelace has already set her sights on her next deadlift mission. She wrote in her latter Instagram post that she plans to eventually pull at least five times her body weight. It’s an ambitious goal, but Lovelace has proven capable of reaching soaring heights as an athlete.

Featured Image: @rhianon.lovelace.kaosstrength / Instagram

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