Summer Clothes & Style Round-Up

Let’s be honest… on the days I’m NOT in leggings and a workout tank with a bun on top of my head, I want to feel a little more pulled together! Most of the time, I’m running around with 1 to 2 babies hanging off of me, and as much as I love that aesthetic – it also feels good to put on real clothes every once in a while.

And (IYKYK), summer is my all-time favorite season. The fresh, abundant veggies & produce, the warm long days, the hours spent outside in the sunshine, lake and beach trips, fresh air, salty skin, sunglasses and summer dresses on repeat. It’s the GOAT of the seasons, and I happen to love me some summer style.

It’s also something I love doing each season as a way to transition mentally– putting away the sweaters, pulling out anything I haven’t worn in a while to donate or bring to consignment, and to intentionally craft and create how I want to feel that season, by what I put on my body.

Summertime? It’s free-feeling. Light. Airy. And light-hearted too. Colors, florals, bring it on!

This year, I have my eye on some simple (of course) but fun pieces that are as perfect for on-the-go mom life as they are sweet summer date nights or grill-outs with the fam. A great sun-hat or two, some comfy and cute slides, and a few quick options that you’ll always feel good in.

If you’re on the hunt for some summer staples, too, I hope these will give you a little seasonal inspiration for all your summertime adventures! Happy shopping, mom.

Summer 2022 Style Round-Up


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photo by Talitha Bullock

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