Strongwoman Nadia Stowers Deadlifts 238 Kilograms (525 Pounds) for a 3-Rep PR

On May 6, 2022, Nadia Stowers showed why she’s always a name to keep tabs on in strength sports realm. During a training session, the strongwoman deadlifted 238 kilograms (525 pounds) – a new triple PR.

Stowers completed the pull from a conventional stance and did it in her socks. She also wore a lifting belt and figure-8 wrist wraps. She did not disclose her weight for this specific lift, but she has competed in the 82-kilogram weight class throughout her career.

Check out the impressive deadlift triple set below, courtesy of Stowers’ Instagram profile:

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Considering the weight, Stowers makes the set look relatively easy. She completes the three reps unbroken with no rest and shows little signs of any extra struggle.

“Death by deads! Start low and build up by 20 [pounds] to a heavy triple, ”Stowers writes in her Instagram post. “[This was] touch and go to get used to keeping the tension on the bar. A rep PR of 525 [pounds] for my top set! These were awesomely terrible. ”

Stowers at a Glance

Still a relative newcomer to the strongwoman scene, Stowers has quickly proven she’s no slouch as a professional competitor.

For a competitor in the 82-kilogram weight class, Stowers holds the current Axle Deadlift American Record of 299.4 kilograms (660 pounds), which she notched at the 2021 Static Monsters Worldwide (SMWW). The strongwoman also captured the active Log Lift World Record at the same competition when she pressed 130.6 kilograms (288 pounds).

Notably, Rhianon Lovelace (64KG) technically owns the 82-kilogram Axle Deadlift American record with a 310-kilogram pull at the 2019 Irish Muscle Power Expo.

Dating back to late 2019, Stowers has displayed noteworthy professional progression. Here’s a complete record of her strongwoman career results thus far:

Nadia Stowers (U82KG) | Career Results

  • 2019 U82 World’s Strongest Woman (WSW) – Sixth place | U82KG
  • 2020 SMWW – First place | U82KG
  • 2021 World’s Ultimate Strongwoman (WUS) – Eighth place | Open
  • 2021 America’s Strongest Woman (ASW) – First place | Heavyweight
  • 2021 U82 World’s Strongest Woman (WSW) – First place | U82KG
  • 2021 SMWW – First place | U82KG
  • 2022 Strengthlete Collective Clash On The Coast (SCCOTC) – Third place | U82KG

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The Road Ahead

Per her social media, Stowers will soon make an earnest foray into professional powerlifting. The strongwoman will participate in her first full powerlifting career meet at the 2022 Iron Wars VI on May 20, 2022, in Signal Hill, California. That might partly explain why her Instagram features a wider variety of deadlift, bench pressand squat training footage in recent weeks.

The strength demands of strongwoman and powerlifting can be similar, but they do have notable differences in regulations. As one example, strongwoman competitors cannot use sumo stances on deadlifts, while powerlifters cannot use wrist wraps. That means the transition for Stowers potentially won’t be seamless, but she’s assuredly preparing to account for that experience gap.

With new ground to break as a strength sports athlete, only time will tell what the future holds for Stowers in a new strength endeavor. If her diligent work and training as a strongwoman provide any hints, she might come to flourish as a dual-sport athlete soon enough.

Featured image: nadiastowers_bigstorm

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