Powerlifter Nicolaas du Preez Squats 420 Kilograms (926 Pounds) With Ease During Training

On May 2, 2022, Nicolaas du Preez showed that he’s ready to make waves as a powerlifter again when he squatted 420 kilograms (926 pounds) relatively easily during a training session. du Preez wore wrist wrapsa lifting belt, and knee sleeves for the lift. He also had three spotters on hand, and though the barbell bent with its staggering weight, their services were ultimately not necessary.

Check out the bar-bending squat, courtesy of du Preez’s Instagram profile:

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According to Open Powerlifting, this 420-kilogram (926-pound) squat while training eclipses du Preez’s all-time competition best from the 2021 World Powerlifting Congress-SA (WPC-SA) Power Wars by one ounce. du Preez similarly wore wraps for that squat.

Not by coincidence, the 2021 WPC-SA Power Wars – where he was the eventual victor – is also the last time du Preez was part of a sanctioned competition. Per the caption of du Preez’s Instagram post he will make a return to a formal lifting platform at the 2022 Rhino Powerlifting Club (RPC) Elite Raw on May 14th in Praetoria, South Africa. He will compete at 125 kilograms.

About Nicolaas du Preez

If his social media is any indication, du Preez is no stranger to incredible feats of strength. In addition to his squat prowess, the powerlifter had a recent deadlift of 405 kilograms (892.87 pounds) and a bench press of 255 kilograms (562.1 pounds). du Preez wore a lifting belt for the deadlift, while the bench press was raw.

Both figures similarly exceed du Preez’s previous competition bests. His top-ever deadlift is a 384.9-kilogram raw pull (848.7-pound) from the 2019 WPC-SA Power Wars, and his top-ever bench press is a 244.9-kilogram raw press (540.1-pound) from the 2021 WPC- SA Power Wars. Here are the complete results of du Preez’s career – who has never lost a competition – to this point:

Nicolaas du Preez | Career Results

  • 2018 WPC-SA Inaugural Meet (Junior division) – 1st place
  • 2018 WPC-SA South African Nationals (Men’s Open division) – 1st place
  • 2018 RPC National Championships (Men’s Open) – 1st place
  • 2019 WPC-SA Power Wars (Men’s Open) – 1st place
  • 2019 RPC Four Nations (Men’s Open) – 1st place
  • 2021 WPC-SA Power Wars (Men’s Open) – 1st place

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The 2022 RPC Elite Raw is Next

Du Preez will attempt to achieve two things in the coming weeks at the 2022 RPC Elite Raw. First, he’ll undoubtedly want to maintain his ongoing undefeated streak in competitions. Second, he’ll want to surpass all his previous top marks on each of his respective lifts. Considering the steady progress with his training in recent weeks, he seems to be in line to do both and more.

The 2022 RPC Elite Raw will take place on May 14 in Praetoria, South Africa.

Featured image: @nicolaas_du_preez on Instagram

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